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If you burn your Nikes you are cut­ting off your nose to spite your face? Don’t you re­al­ize that Nike al­ready has your money? In any event Football is a stupid sport played by very stupid people and watched my even stu­pider people.

— Hates football

Man, you just don’t like any­one, do you? I agree that the de­struc­tion protests are a bad idea. These have been hap­pen­ing a lot. Re­mem­ber the videos of people blow­ing up Yeti cool­ers for dis­con­tin­u­ing a dis­count for NRA mem­bers? Those cool­ers cost 200-1300 bucks. I get it if you want to stop pay­ing money for their stuff, but burn­ing stuff you al­ready own is bizarre. — Ed Note

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