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Has for­mer Hamil­ton Town­ship mayor, Kelly Yaede, re­im­bursed the town­ship for the pay­ment of $6,250 in le­gal fees paid to her at­tor­ney for de­fend­ing her in the Ex­punge­gate mess?

If Ms. Yaede has trou­ble repaying the debt, I am sure her sup­port­ers can launch a Go­FundMe ac­count to get her out from un­der the amount owed to the town­ship.

If the town­ship is for­giv­ing the debt, tax laws re­quire that the for­give­ness be re­ported to the In­ter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice, with the amount listed as tax­able or­di­nary in­come on Ms. Yaede’s fed­eral in­come tax re­turn.

Can The Tren­to­nian as­sign Isaac Avilucea to do a fol­lowup ar­ti­cle on this mat­ter?

— Hamil­ton Reader

Don’t worry, we’re check­ing in. If any­thing hap­pens in re­gards to ex­punge­gate, we will do a fol­lowup story.

— Ed Note

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