An­thony Scara­mucci and wife Dei­dre Ball

On the brink of split­ting in 2017, the former Trump ad­viser and wife Dei­dre Ball open up about re­viv­ing their seven-year ro­mance

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(in NYC on Oct. 9) tell Us how they saved their mar­riage.

An­thony Scara­mucci knows he’s of­ten at fault. “I mis­han­dle a lot, ob­vi­ously,” he tells Us. “I have made tons of mis­takes in my life.” Per­haps none more se­ri­ous than in 2017. Ap­pointed White House com­mu­ni­ca­tions di­rec­tor on July 21 of that year, Scara­mucci was away in West Vir­ginia with Pres­i­dent Trump when his es­tranged wife, Dei­dre Ball, 38, went into la­bor on July 24. By July 31, his new gig had ex­ploded in a storm of con­tro­versy — and so had his three-year mar­riage. “So what are you go­ing to do?” the 54-year-old says. “You have to do two things in life when you make a mis­take: Ad­mit it, then ask peo­ple to for­give you.” Luck­ily for him, Ball — mom of his kids, Ni­cholas, 4, and James, 15 months — lis­tened and called off their di­vorce in Novem­ber. “Maybe I stopped be­ing happy,” she re­calls. “But I never stopped be­ing in love.” Now, stronger than ever, Scara­mucci and Ball sit down with Us’ Jen­nifer Peros.

Let’s start at the be­gin­ning. How did you meet?

DB We met in 2007.

AS At work. We didn’t get to­gether un­til 2011.

Be­fore the White House, was there ten­sion in your mar­riage?

DB We were fight­ing about so much.

AS The typ­i­cal things you fight about: in-laws, stress, work.

DB Kids. He has a lot go­ing on, and a lot of times it’s hard to be a mom and his right-hand per­son. Some­times you wind up not see­ing each other’s point of view. Plus, it’s very hard to do things when you’re preg­nant and have an­other young kid. And when you don’t sleep, you get re­ally nasty!

Dei­dre, what was your re­ac­tion when he told you about the job?

AS Doesn’t make me look good, this part of the story.

DB If we are go­ing talk about it, we have to be real. We were so mad at each other. He didn’t tell me he got the job. It was a CNN news alert. I didn’t tell him I was in la­bor. We’re even, right? Things got out of con­trol. We weren’t re­ally speak­ing.

What was rock bot­tom?

DB I never in­tended to have a child on my own. That was one of my worst days. I never thought I would be there with­out An­thony.

AS Even if she’d told me, I was in West Vir­ginia with a 60-mile no-fly zone around the pres­i­dent’s plane. There would’ve been no way to get back to New York. It was a very bad day. The truth of the mat­ter is, I love Dei­dre tremen­dously, and I wanted to get back to­gether.

An­thony, you asked for a pa­ter­nity test for James. Why?

AS It’s some­thing I’m re­gret­ful for, and I’ve apol­o­gized for it, and the good news is that Dei­dre has for­given me for it.

DB You wake up in the

morn­ing, and I’m like, “Did this guy re­ally do that?”

So, what changed?

DB He came to his senses. He texted me, “Can we talk?” We ex­posed all the stuff that went on, talked about it ad nau­seam.

AS The ques­tion is, Do you drop your pride and try to make it work? You can be at each other’s throats but still love each other.

To­day, how is your mar­riage stronger than ever be­fore?

DB I like us more now. We’re less quick to be mad or an­noyed. I think we are way more equal.

AS What we got out of that ex­pe­ri­ence is that, start with a glass half full, rec­og­nize all the spe­cial things and make it work. Also, you have to be hon­est with each other and ac­cept each other’s ups and downs.

An­thony, what’s your re­la­tion­ship like with the pres­i­dent?

AS It’s there. We don’t talk reg­u­larly. He may call me for some­thing, or if I needed some­thing from him, I’d very eas­ily call him. Even if you don’t like Pres­i­dent Trump, I think ev­ery­one should take a step back and say, “Hey, he’s our pres­i­dent, and we want him to do well.” We have to root for the pres­i­dent.

When your sons get older, what will you tell them?

AS The search for a per­fect past is an im­pos­si­bil­ity. You can’t re-cre­ate your past, just own it and move on.

DB Don’t google us!

Scara­mucci says, “It’s a laugh-out-loud book” about his 11 days in theWhite House.

He has known Trump (in July 2017) for 20 years: “He’s al­ways good-na­tured and good-spir­ited with me,” says Scara­mucci.

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