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We asked our fol­low­ers if the govern­ment should do any­thing to en­sure Amer­i­cans re­duce their im­pact on cli­mate change. Do a bet­ter job of ex­plain­ing cli­mate change, why ac­tion is nec­es­sary and what peo­ple can do. @Sar­cas­ticHoney Re­quire so­lar pan­els on every roof pos­si­ble. @nel­ly­no­mates29 As­sum­ing that by Amer­i­cans you mean ci­ti­zens and not busi­ness, I think the role of govern­ment should only be ed­u­ca­tional. @JonBachert Make a se­ri­ous, per­ma­nent con­trol of pol­lu­tion from the largest com­pa­nies. @ed­do­hig71 A good start to re­duce cli­mate change would be no more fos­sil fuel use, but that won’t hap­pen. @Nothap­pyMatt

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