Os­teen, that wasn’t very Chris­tian of you


Pas­tor Joel Os­teen opened his Houston megachurch to flood vic­tims Tuesday af­ter so­cial me­dia crit­ics slammed the tel­e­van­ge­list for not of­fer­ing to house peo­ple in need.

It was not safe! I mean, can you imag­ine how much it would have cost to re­place the car­pet­ing from all those dirty, wet peo­ple?! That cuts into the bud­get! And big homes don’t buy them­selves! Glenn J. Heller

I didn’t know Os­teen had the only church in Houston. Ask the peo­ple who were af­fected by Hur­ri­cane Ka­t­rina how com­fort­able those Su­per­dome seats were while they slept sit­ting up. Os­teen’s church did ex­pe­ri­ence flood­ing, but when his mes­sage on Twit­ter send­ing prayers for those af­fected by the hur­ri­cane went out on Sun­day, it was mainly telling the thou­sands of peo­ple who usu­ally show up for Sun­day morn­ing ser­vice not to show up be­cause of the flood- ing. Why would he want his church mem­bers to be caught in the flood? Char­ity Smith

Just keep your feet off the fine fur­ni­ture, keep your kids quiet, no eat­ing on the so­fas, stay out of the of­fices, and no wash­ing your clothes in the bath­rooms. Can you just sit there and stare out into the air? Steve Pat­ter­son

Just ad­mit you han­dled the sit­u­a­tion poorly, apol­o­gize for that and move on, fella. Tracy Nick­er­son

As a Chris­tian, I feel those church doors should have been the first to open, whether pre­pared or not. To turn away help­less peo­ple in a des­per­ate time does not rep­re­sent the God I serve. I will pray for you, Pas­tor Os­teen, as well as all of those you turned away.

Os­teen does not rep­re­sent all Chris­tians, just those in his flock. Bil­lie J. Se­gars Care­ful not to trip while you’re backpedal­ing so fu­ri­ously, sir. Matthew Farmer


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