Sim­pler, flat­ter and ‘fairer’ for whom ex­actly?

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When talk­ing about the Repub­li­cans’ tax

plan Illi­nois Rep. Peter Roskam said, “By clos­ing loop­holes and low­er­ing rates, we can cre­ate a tax pol­icy that is sim­pler, flat­ter and fairer for ev­ery­one.”

Sim­pler, flat­ter, fairer is how my con­gress­man pitches Pres­i­dent Trump’s tax plan, which will likely cre­ate deficits over the next decade, while lav­ish­ing Roskam and his wealthy base.

Sim­pler, flat­ter, fairer be­cause it will cut off money from Un­cle Sam on in­her­ited wealth greater than $5.49 mil­lion.

Sim­pler, flat­ter, fairer be­cause it will ben­e­fit the wealth­i­est, who cur­rently pay a top rate of 39.6% to be low­ered to 35%.

Sim­pler, flat­ter, fairer be­cause it will raise the low­est tax bracket from 10% to 12%.

Sim­pler, flat­ter, fairer be­cause it will in­cen­tivize cor­po­ra­tions to pour more prof­its over­seas right now in an­tic­i­pa­tion of a huge tax hol­i­day when they bring it back af­ter tax re­form pas­sage.

Sim­pler, flat­ter, fairer be­cause it will jack up taxes on blue-state tax­pay­ers who will lose their fed­eral de­duc­tion for high state and lo­cal taxes.

Sim­pler, flat­ter, fairer be­cause it will end the al­ter­na­tive min­i­mum tax, which mainly af­fects the wealth­i­est tax­pay­ers.

Sixth District of Illi­nois res­i­dents seek­ing an­swers from Roskam on the dev­as­tat­ing ef­fects of the Trump tax plan al­ready know how he’ll re­spond: “Flat­ter, sim­pler, fairer.” Walt Zlo­tow

Glen El­lyn, Ill.


This tax plan is fo­cused on ben­e­fit­ing Pres­i­dent Trump first and his rich friends sec­ond.

The mid­dle class will see a huge tax in­crease as de­duc­tions like state and lo­cal taxes are elim­i­nated.

Frank Mix

I support re­duc­ing the cor­po­rate tax rate, but not slash­ing it by 15 per­cent­age points.

Let’s re­duce it by half the amount and see how cor­po­rate Amer­ica re­sponds. If more jobs are cre­ated as a re­sult, re­duce it a bit fur­ther. His­tory has shown that trickle-down eco­nomics is a hoax, so let’s not make the same if-cor­po­ra­tions-win-Amer­i­cans-win mis­take again.

Rich Barnes


Our read­ers shared their thoughts on Pres­i­dent Trump’s tax over­haul plan and how it could ben­e­fit wealthy peo­ple like him.

Uh duh! That’s the whole point of this ad­min­is­tra­tion! Self-en­rich­ment at the cost of ev­ery­one else. @Trump­got2go Trump’s tax plan won’t be­come law be­cause fis­cal hawks won’t en­dorse higher fed­eral debt. @neil­drewitt Any and all tax cuts ben­e­fit ev­ery­one; pro­vide more jobs and over­all rev­enue for all! This is a win­ning propo­si­tion for Amer­ica! @Aubur­nis1 It might ben­e­fit the rich a lit­tle, but it will ben­e­fit bluecol­lar work­ers and busi­nesses even more. @Eli­teetc Amer­ica stands as­ton­ished. @cliffymil

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