Is it time to sell your old smart­watch?

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Just like for used phones, a cot­tage in­dus­try is emerg­ing to re­sell old Ap­ple and Sam­sung watches.

Ap­ple and Best Buy of­fer trade-in pro­grams, but they pay less than ded­i­cated trade sites such as Trade­more and DeC­luttr, which of­fer about 40% of the orig­i­nal price, de­pend­ing on the con­di­tion of your de­vice.

The Se­ries 5 Ap­ple Watch, first re­leased in 2019, orig­i­nally sold for $399 with a 40mm watch face, or $499 with cel­lu­lar con­nec­tiv­ity, while the Se­ries 3 orig­i­nally sold for $329 when it was re­leased in 2017, with $399 for the cel­lu­lar ver­sion. Last year, Ap­ple dropped the price to $199, just for the stan­dard ver­sion. A cel­lu­lar op­tion isn’t avail­able.

This year’s Se­ries 6 re­places the Se­ries 5 for the same price as last year’s model, and has a few new fea­tures, most no­tably a blood oxy­gen reader.

How much is my Ap­ple Watch worth?

DeC­luttr says it will of­fer $200 cash for an Ap­ple Watch Se­ries 5 with cell con­nec­tiv­ity, or $190 with­out, while Trade­more of­fers $214 on a Se­ries 5 with cel­lu­lar, or $191 with­out it.

Se­ries 3 gets $103 from Trade­more or $75 from DeC­luttr.

The caveat is that the de­vices must be in good con­di­tion. The sites pay less for ones that aren’t in the best shape.

Sam­sung of­fers a $116 dis­count for trade-ins of Gal­axy phones, tablets and pre­vi­ous watches for the new Gal­axy Watch 3, which starts at $369.

(DeC­luttr of­fers from around $50 for the Gal­axy Watch to as high as $137 from Trade­more.)

Ap­ple of­fers trade-ins on the price of a new de­vice, and says it pays up to $240 for the Se­ries 5 with cell con­nec­tiv­ity, or “up to” $100 for Se­ries 3. Best Buy of­fers less, $150 for a Se­ries 5 with cel­lu­lar or $75 for Se­ries 3.

Gazelle, one of the top sites for buy­ing used smart­phones, doesn’t pay

cash for watches. Swappa, a site for buy­ing and sell­ing, is like a Craigslist in that it con­nects buy­ers and sell­ers and takes a cute. It says the 40mm Se­ries 5 Watch av­er­ages a re­sale price of $359.

Sold! Be­fore you send that watch off ...

Be­fore ship­ping your watch to send back to Ap­ple, the com­pany says “You are solely re­spon­si­ble for re­mov­ing all data, in­clud­ing con­fi­den­tial and per­sonal data, from the de­vice prior to ship­ping.”

How to do that: On its web­site, Ap­ple says to open the Watch app on the iPhone, go to the My Watch tab, tap All Watches, then the info but­ton next to the Watch and choose Un­pair Ap­ple Watch.

An eas­ier way to do it might be just to get it done on the Watch it­self by click­ing Set­tings > Gen­eral > Re­set > Erase All Con­tent and Set­tings. To wipe an old Gal­axy Watch clean: On the Watch, press the Home but­ton and go to the Apps screen.

Tap Set­tings, then Gen­eral and Re­set.

Click the “re­set net­works,” but­ton, which will re­vert the unit back to its fac­tory set­tings.


How to erase con­tent from Ap­ple Watch

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