Speed Freaks


Q: Of the four elim­i­na­tions, who most sur­prises you?

God­speak (God­win Kelly): Be­lieve or not, Cole Custer. I thought as a rookie, what he didn’t know wouldn’t bite him. Ken’s Call (Ken Willis): Back in February I would’ve said Ryan Blaney, but now I’d say Wil­liam By­ron be­cause he’d been run­ning quite well.

Q: Who are the next four to go?

God­speak: Well, we can say good­bye and thanks for the mem­o­ries, Clint Bowyer. He will be joined by Kyle Busch, Alex Bow­man and Aric Almirola.

Ken’s Call: Kurt Busch, Clint Bowyer, Alex Bow­man, and in an up­set, Chase El­liott. Kyle Busch will find a way to ad­vance.

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