Re­mem­ber the Sab­bath Day

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“Re­mem­ber the Sab­bath Day, to keep it holy….” Ex­o­dus 20:8

The Lord God re­quired His peo­ple (un­der the old covenant) to set aside the sev­enth day as a day of rest from their labors and as a day to con­sider Him and His ways.

Since God Him­self cre­ated the heav­ens and the earth in six days and rested upon the sev­enth, so also His peo­ple were to re­frain from their labors on the Sab­bath, hear His Word and honor Him (cf. Ex­o­dus 20:8-11; Deuteron­omy 5:12-15; Isa­iah 58:13-14).

We are no longer re­quired to rest from all our labors on the sev­enth day, or on any other day of the week (cf. Colos­sians 2:1617; Ro­mans 14:5-6; Acts 15:1ff.; Gala­tians 1:1ff.). But, as God re­quired the chil­dren of Is­rael to rest on the Sab­bath Day that they might have time to hear His Word and wor­ship Him, so He still com­mands that we set aside time from our earthly labors that we also might hear and con­sider His Word and glo­rify His holy name (cf. Isa­iah 58:13-14; Colos­sians 3:16; 2 Ti­mothy 3:14-17; Luke 11:28; Acts 2:42; Psalm 95:1ff.; Psalm 111:1; Gala­tians 6:6-8; etc.).

For this rea­son, we have set aside Sun­day as a time for wor­ship and med­i­ta­tion upon God’s Word and ought to take time each day for Bi­ble read­ing and prayer.

To ne­glect the ser­vices of God’s house, and not to take the time for Bi­ble read­ing and prayer in our homes, is a sin against God’s com­mand­ment. And, when we ne­glect to hear and care­fully con­sider the teach­ing of God’s Word, we en­dan­ger our own souls; for it is through the Word of God that the Holy Spirit re­veals to us our Sav­ior and eter­nal life in His name (cf. He­brews 10:24-25; Ro­mans 10:17).

Hear­ing God’s will and com­mand­ment re­gard­ing the Sab­bath should move us to re­pent of our erring ways and turn back to Him for mercy and for­give­ness in Mes­siah Je­sus, God’s Son.

It ought, then, also guide us as we then seek to amend our ways and live for Him, so that we reg­u­larly set aside a por­tion of the time God has given us to med­i­tate upon His Word and wor­ship Him. And, as with all of God’s com­mand­ments, obe­di­ence brings with it rich bless­ings we would oth­er­wise never know or ex­pe­ri­ence.

The trea­sures of God’s Word are rich!

Dear LORD God, for­give us for ne­glect­ing to set aside time to hear Your sav­ing Word and to wor­ship You. Give us a true love for You and Your Word, that we may con­tinue to learn of the sal­va­tion You have pro­vided for us in Christ Je­sus, our Sav­ior. In His name we pray. Amen. [De­vo­tion by Randy Moll. Scrip­ture taken from the New King James Ver­sion®. Copy­right © 1982 by Thomas Nel­son. Used by per­mis­sion. All rights re­served.]

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