It’s Re­for­ma­tion Day! Let’s Cel­e­brate!

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Though most may have for­got­ten, to­day is Re­for­ma­tion Day, a sig­nif­i­cant event for all true Chris­tians!

On this date, 501 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Th­e­ses for de­bate to the door of the Cas­tle Church in Wit­ten­berg, Ger­many.

In his state­ments, posted on the eve of All Saints’ Day, Oct. 31, 1517, Luther ar­gued against the sale of in­dul­gences (a fundrais­ing scheme of the Ro­man Church in which it of­fered for­give­ness of sins and de­liv­er­ance from pur­ga­tory in ex­change for money paid for the in­dul­gence) and urged a re­turn to the Scrip­tures as the sole source and judge of doc­trine and to faith in Christ and His aton­ing sac­ri­fice on the cross as the only source of for­give­ness and life.

The 95 Th­e­ses mark the be­gin­ning of the Lutheran Re­for­ma­tion and a re­turn to Christ and the Bi­ble’s doc­trine.

As a re­sult of Luther’s stand against the er­rors of the Ro­man Church, the true Gospel of for­give­ness of sins and life ever­last­ing through faith alone in Je­sus Christ and His aton­ing sac­ri­fice upon the cross for the sins of the world was again pro­claimed and con­tin­ues to be pro­claimed to this day in churches re­main­ing faith­ful to the Scrip­tures.

For­give­ness of sins and eter­nal life in God’s king­dom can­not be pur­chased with money or mer­ited with hu­man works. It is God’s gift to man solely for the sake of the holy life and in­no­cent suf­fer­ings and death of God’s Son, Je­sus Christ, for the sins of all the world; and it can be re­ceived solely through faith in Christ Je­sus.

The Gospel is not a procla­ma­tion of­fer­ing for­give­ness if we do cer­tain things or live a cer­tain way; it is the procla­ma­tion that Christ suf­fered the pun­ish­ment we sin­ners have de­served. He paid in full upon the cross and rose again in tri­umph; and through faith alone in Christ and His vi­car­i­ous atone­ment, we sin­ners are rec­on­ciled to God, have His par­don and for­give­ness and a place in His ever­last­ing king­dom! Cf. Ro­mans 3:19-28; 2 Corinthi­ans 5:18-21.

What a bless­ing to cel­e­brate this day!

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