Chat your way to ex­tra cash!

Peo­ple all over the world want to learn English, and now, thanks to sites like Cam­bly and Pal­fish, you can con­nect with folks who want to prac­tice their speak­ing skills. In re­turn for chat­ting with them, you’ll earn about $10 an hour— and make friends fro

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Visit Cam­ and click on their “Be­come a Tu­tor” page. As part of your ap­pli­ca­tion, you’ll need to record a short sam­ple video. Use it to let your per­son­al­ity shine: Talk about your in­ter­ests and why you’d like to teach. You can record it as many times as you like, so feel free to do a few prac­tice runs, and make sure your speech is clear and you sound fun and up­beat. You’ll make 17 cents per minute of talk time; earn­ings are de­posited weekly into a Paypal ac­count as long as you’ve made at least $20. To chat, log in to your ac­count and open your dash­board. It will ring when a stu­dent wants to talk. (It’s up to you to take the call or not.)

Su­per­charge earn­ings: You can sign up for two-hour shifts and be on call— Cam­bly will pay you for 30 min­utes of talk time whether or not you take any calls. Also smart? En­cour­age your stu­dents to write re­views. The more glow­ing praise you rack up, the more calls Cam­bly will push your way!


Pal­fish is app-based, so all you need is a smart­phone to do your video chats— down­load the ver­sion for teach­ers (not stu­dents) to get started. You’ll have to sup­ply a photo and writ­ten and recorded bios to give peo­ple an idea of who you are and your ex­pe­ri­ences. You get to set your own rate—from $5 to $45 an hour— on your pro­file; the av­er­age is $13, and it’s smart to start out a lit­tle lower than that to at­tract stu­dents and rack up pos­i­tive re­views. Pal­fish lets you change your rate twice a month, so you can inch it up as your de­mand grows. You’ll get paid once a month via Paypal. Just click “Start Tu­tor­ing” to ac­cept calls—you can talk as long or as lit­tle as you like, and your pay will be pro­rated based on your hourly rate.

Su­per­charge earn­ings: Pal­fish lets you set up a sched­ule so stu­dents can book you in ad­vance— it’s a great way to get reg­u­lar stu­dents. What’s more, a lot of stu­dents are from China, so if you can be avail­able from late night to early morn­ing, you’re likely to snag plenty of calls!

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