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When reader, Julie Har­ris, of Aloha, Ore­gon, asked the an­gels for a sign from her best friend in Heaven, they an­swered in a most unique way! She writes:

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Imet my for­ever friend, Kath­leen, while in col­lege. We stud­ied to­gether, dou­ble-dated and shared our hopes and dreams.

Af­ter grad­u­a­tion, we each moved to new lo­ca­tions and be­gan our ca­reers, but we stayed in touch through notes, funny e-mails and vis­its.

Kath­leen loved rab­bits, and when­ever I saw a cute stuffed bunny or sticker, I’d buy it and give it to her dur­ing a fu­ture visit, or drop it in the mail.

Un­for­tu­nately, af­ter Kath­leen gave birth to her daugh­ter, she was di­ag­nosed with melanoma. Her prog­no­sis wasn’t good, and we lost her in just a few short years.

I was heart­bro­ken. My grief left me won­der­ing if I had done enough for her, or if she knew how much she was loved and missed.

“The bun­nies ap­peared out of nowhere right af­ter I asked the an­gels for a sign!” Julie mar­vels

I ached for her daugh­ter and hus­band. I couldn’t stop cry­ing and won­der­ing why her life had been cut so short.

It was a long drive to the wake, with miles of end­less road. The fu­neral was sad, and my hus­band and I left feel­ing bleak.

As we were about half­way home, I re­mem­bered all of the an­gel sto­ries I had read in Woman’s World, es­pe­cially those about ask­ing the an­gels for signs that our loved ones were safely in Heaven.

“Please, an­gels, if my friend is happy and at peace, send me a sign!” I sobbed. Sud­den ly, and seem­ingly from out of nowhere, bun­nies be­gan hop­ping around on the side of the road! There were 10 or more, of all dif­fer­ent col­ors and sizes.

My hus­band pulled over so that we could get a bet­ter look. For a few min­utes, we sat in the car and watched as the bun­nies play­fully jumped around and then hopped off into a meadow above the ru­ral high­way. With tears stream­ing from my eyes, I knew, with­out a doubt, that the an­gels had an­swered my re­quest. My heart filled with peace and joy, know­ing that my friend Kath­leen was happy in Heaven with the an­gels.

“We can def­i­nitely ask the an­gels to send us signs from above. In that way, we re­ceive re­as­sur­ance that our loved ones are happy in Heaven, and that they still love us and we love them,” says Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

“An­gels are mes­sen­gers of love, so they can send and bring th­ese re­as­sur­ances to com­fort a griev­ing heart.

“You’ll know that it’s a gen­uine sign from the an­gels when it’s be­yond a coin­ci­dence, like the rab­bits that sud­denly ap­peared at the side of the road when Julie asked for a sign. How else to ex­plain this, ex­cept that Julie’s re­quest evoked this beau­ti­ful an­swer from the an­gels.

“Trust your in­ner know­ing­ness, which tells you that some­thing re­ally is an an­gelic sign . . . be­cause it is!

“If you’d like a sign that your loved ones are safely in Heaven, just ask the an­gels! Then, like Julie, find com­fort in the knowl­edge that the love you share is eter­nal.”

Ask for Heaven to up­lift your thoughts and feel­ings Doreen says:

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