En­er­gize your thy­roid —and you!

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Fact: Mem­ory lapses, fa­tigue, weight gain and pain are not nor­mal parts of ag­ing! The more likely cause? A slug­gish thy­roid gland, which con­trols many vi­tal func­tions. Keep it run­ning smoothly and you could feel younger, more en­er­getic and far health­ier in as lit­tle as 30 days! ✓ Get en­er­gized with ke­fir

Sip­ping a half-cup of ke­fir daily could rev your pro­duc­tion of the most pow­er­ful thy­roid hor­mone (T3, or tri­iodothy­ro­nine) as much as 20%, re­ports the jour­nal Life

Sciences. Ke­fir con­tains at least 10 types of healthy pro­bi­otic bac­te­ria, which help con­vert weaker thy­roid hor­mones into body-en­er­giz­ing T3, ex­plains study coau­thor Theo Visser, PH.D.

✓ Nour­ish your thy­roid with io­dine

Think all salt is bad for you? Not so! The type added to pro­cessed foods can make your thy­roid slug­gish—but the ta­ble salt typ­i­cally used at home nour­ishes it! The dif­fer­ence? Salt in pro­cessed foods doesn’t con­tain io­dine, a nu­tri­ent your thy­roid needs to pro­duce hor­mones. To get enough io­dine (150 mcg. daily), cut back on pro­cessed foods and add 1/2 tsp. of iodized ta­ble salt (such as Mor­ton) to your daily diet.

✓ Turn back the clock with pro­tein

Pro­tein-rich foods—beef, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and beans— are loaded with amino acids that up your thy­roid’s out­put of hor­mones. In fact, Tufts Uni­ver­sity re­search shows, just eat­ing a few ounces of pro­tein at ev­ery meal revs your en­ergy and stamina as much as 36% in one month—plus makes your brain func­tion as if it were eight years younger!

✓ Ban­ish in­flam­ma­tion with bell pep­pers

Green, red, orange, yel­low . . . en­joy­ing 1/2 cup of bell pep­pers a day helps chase away tired­ness, dry skin, mus­cle sore­ness and other signs of a weary thy­roid. Bell pep­pers get their gem-like col­ors from carotenoids, nu­tri­ents that sup­press dam­ag­ing in­flam­ma­tion in­side the thy­roid, plus speed heal­ing if the gland is worn. Other top sources of carotenoids in­clude sweet pota­toes and leafy greens like spinach.

✓ En­hance hor­mones by re­lax­ing

Re­lax­ing for 30 min­utes a day can speed up your thy­roid gland (and you!). Stress trig­gers pro­duc­tion of an in­ac­tive form of thy­roid hor­mone that your tis­sues can’t use. A daily half-hour break pre­vents this prob­lem, nix­ing fa­tigue, dif­fi­culty fo­cus­ing and other symp­toms of a slug­gish thy­roid.

✓ Tak­ing in min­er­als with trail mix

Snack­ing on 1/4 cup of dried fruit and 1/4 cup of nuts daily could cut your risk of thy­roid prob­lems 35% and re­verse an al­ready slug­gish thy­roid in as lit­tle as three weeks! These foods pro­vide min­er­als that help your thy­roid crank out a key hor­mone, thy­rox­ine.

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