You’re a LEFT BRAIN if you…

❏ Are de­tail-ori­ented and of­ten think 10 steps ahead ❏ Tend to be a per­fec­tion­ist

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Com­part­men­tal­ize for con­trol!

As a prac­ti­cal, log­i­cal thinker, you grav­i­tate to­ward tidy con­tain­ers. Take full ad­van­tage of this ten­dency by think­ing (slightly) out­side the box, en­cour­ages Breininger. “Use con­tain­ers in new ways,” she urges. “Why not drape an over-the-door shoe or­ga­nizer on your bath­room door to store hair tools? Or use a kitchen lid rack or­ga­nizer to store purses ver­ti­cally on a closet shelf!”

Clear clos­ets with “goal boxes”!

You’re for­ward-look­ing, which means you tend to hold on to stuff “just in case”—which can lead to clut­ter. An easy, fast way to help you de­cide what to toss and what to keep? “Ask your­self if your stuff serves clear goals,” sug­gests Sil­ber. “Will I re­ally use my old sneak­ers to get in shape? Will I wear that old suit again on a job in­ter­view? If the item doesn’t serve a con­crete goal, it can go straight into the giveaway pile!”

Pare pa­pers by cre­at­ing zones!

In­stead of chas­ing down stray pa­pers, just cre­ate zones, sug­gests Sil­ber. “Strate­gic left brains crave cat­e­gories, which is why zones help them tame pa­per clut­ter fast. For ex­am­ple, cre­ate a mail zone at your en­try­way with a let­ter opener and a tray only for mail and bills. Cre­ate a craft zone with a bas­ket only for craft pa­per and sewing pat­terns, and so on. Zones let you quickly spot what’s out of place with­out cre­at­ing ex­tra work!”

— Kristina Mas­tro­cola

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