You’re a RIGHT BRAIN if you…

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Think in vi­su­als rather than in words Tend to be cre­ative, in­tu­itive and emo­tional

✤ Or­ga­nize for in­spi­ra­tion!

“I call right brains rad­i­cal right brains be­cause rad­i­cal shifts in their en­vi­ron­ment tend to keep them in­spired,” says Dorothy Breininger (Dorothythe­o­r­ga­, an ex­pert or­ga­nizer on the A&E show Hoard­ers. In other words, skip the de­tails that drive you crazy, like, say, sort­ing your junk drawer, and start with large sur­faces that you can tackle fast. “For ex­am­ple, zero in on your messy craft ta­ble and quickly cor­ral clut­ter in a bas­ket that you can store un­der the ta­ble. Next, ask your­self which or­ga­niz­ing tweaks you can make that’ll bring you more joy or spark your cre­ativ­ity: Is there clut­ter in your fa­vorite read­ing spot? Are messy piles block­ing en­er­giz­ing sun­light from a win­dow? Tack­ling your ‘cre­ative happy zones’ first builds your mo­men­tum to keep go­ing!”

Group clothes by mood!

“In­stead of or­ga­niz­ing clothes by cat­e­gory—short-sleeves with short-sleeves, pants with pants— which is too reg­i­mented for right brains, or­ga­nize by mood,” ad­vises Breininger. “For ex­am­ple, I re­cently worked with an artist client, and we di­vided her clothes into cat­e­gories like ‘cre­ative grub­bies’ for the old clothes she wears when she’s in the mood to cre­ate, ‘cheer­ful ca­su­als’ that make her happy, ‘ro­man­tic for­mals’ that make her feel beau­ti­ful and so on. Group­ing your clothes by mood is a fun way to quickly di­vide your closet into or­ga­nized sec­tions.”

Pare pa­pers with the minute method!

“Cre­ative right brains work bet­ter in short bursts,” says Sil­ber. Just give your­self a minute per pa­per pile. Quickly de­cide what you don’t need and toss them. This go-with-your-gut speed­i­ness helps your in­tu­itive right brain make the right de­ci­sion, so you can be as­sured you’re toss­ing “un­nec­es­saries” and keep­ing the es­sen­tials!

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