Nat­u­ral headache relief

More nat­u­ral health news Few things drain the fun out of a great day faster than a throb­bing head. Luck­ily, easy strate­gies can tame (and even pre­vent!) the dis­com­fort

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Si­nus headache? Press here

If your cheeks, eyes or teeth ache, your si­nuses may be to blame. The good news: Cana­dian re­searchers say stim­u­lat­ing nerves that im­prove si­nus drainage can ease pain in sec­onds. To do: Us­ing your thumbs, ap­ply pres­sure just be­low your eye­brows, near the bridge of your nose, while press­ing your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth. Hold for 20 sec­onds; re­lease.

Ten­sion headache? Try mint mas­sage

To ease the dull ache and sen­sa­tion of scalp pres­sure that marks ten­sion headaches, Fred Pesca­tore, M.D., sug­gests mas­sag­ing your tem­ples, fore­head and the back of your neck with five drops of pep­per­mint es­sen­tial oil di­luted in 1 tsp. of olive oil. Com­pounds in the oil calm overactive pain nerves, re­liev­ing pain as ef­fec­tively as aspirin!

TMJ headache? Loosen your jaw

Head and jaw pain are signs that the mus­cles con­trol­ling your TMJ ( tem­poro­mandibu­lar joint; which con­nects the jaw and skull) are tight. A two-minute mas­sage can cut pain by 55%—and do­ing it twice daily helps pre­vent pain. To do: Us­ing cir­cu­lar mo­tions, mas­sage from your ears down along your jaw­line and across your cheek­bones.

Mi­graine? Get icy

Plac­ing an ice pack across the base of the throat for 30 min­utes slashes pain in 77% of mi­graine suf­fer­ers, ac­cord­ing to a Uni­ver­sity of Hawaii study. How? Cool­ing the blood flow­ing through the neck acts as a pow­er­ful nat­u­ral anal­gesic.

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