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(Clock­wise from top left) Jack Hen­drix as­cends from the abyss dur­ing dive test­ing. At just 17, he’s al­ready an ac­com­plished spearfish­er­man. The S 408’s ver­sa­til­ity and panache make her a won­der­ful choice for an ex­pe­di­tion yacht’s ten­der. A free­d­iver fol­lows the safety line to­ward some sweet oxy­gen. Pho­tog­ra­pher Marc Montocchio, an ex­pe­ri­enced free­d­iver, shot ev­ery im­age on these pages sans scuba tank. Here he shows us what the sur­face looks like to a diver com­ing up from depth. Spearfishing isn’t the only fish­ing the Pur­suit S 408 can do. She has two 61-gal­lon in-sole fish boxes, a tran­som livewell and, as you can see, plenty of good spots for rods. (And her 44-knot top speed can get her out to the fish fast.) The struc­ture pro­vided by the reef at­tracts bait­fish, which in turn at­tract big­ger fish, which in turn at­tract even big­ger fish, which in turn at­tract, well, us.

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