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Oceanco’s Tuhura—a 377-foot (115-me­ter) con­cept with ex­te­rior styling by Lobanov De­sign, in­te­rior de­sign by Achille Sal­vagni Ar­chitetti and en­gi­neer­ing by BMT Nigel Gee—has a look rem­i­nis­cent of the dugout boats used hun­dreds of years ago, paired with the so­phis­ti­ca­tion of a 21st cen­tury su­pery­acht.

“The thought was to take a nat­u­ral shape sim­i­lar to those seen in the ear­li­est ca­noe-type craft and aug­ment it mul­ti­fold to a larger scale, us­ing modern tech­nol­ogy,” Igor Lobanov says.

The de­sign is flex­i­ble in length, with op­tions rang­ing from 262 to 394 feet (80 to 120 me­ters). The hull has hor­i­zon­tal win­dows that would be built with what Oceanco calls ad­vanced glass tech­nol­ogy. It con­sists of a se­ries of dots, mak­ing the view from inside seem nor­mal while from the out­side, the win­dows ap­pear to be the same color as the hull, dis­guis­ing them.

The name Tuhura de­rives from the Maori verb mean­ing to dis­cover, in­ves­ti­gate or ex­am­ine, just as Poly­ne­sians once did in outrig­ger ca­noes across thousands of miles of open Pa­cific Ocean.

BMT and Oceanco developed a hy­brid Azi­pod con­tra-ro­tat­ing propul­sion system for Tuhura. It’s based on a de­sign from 2003 that has since been used on com­mer­cial ves­sels. The yacht’s speed would be 18 knots.

The cul­tures of East Asia and the Pa­cific Is­lands inspired Tuhura’s in­te­rior. Sal­vagni refers to the in­te­rior—soles, walls and over­heads—as “a big brushed teak box” that in­cludes thin reveals in gun­metal and nat­u­ral bronze, with tatami floors. He used what he calls “prim­i­tive, or­ganic shapes” through­out the dé­cor, in keep­ing with the over­all con­cept.

Tuhura is a de­sign for some­one with a pi­o­neer­ing spirit. She is fully en­gi­neered and ready to be built by a client who dares to be dif­fer­ent.

top: The lines in the top­sides are win­dows. Be­low: The un­clut­tered in­te­rior em­pha­sizes the out­side views.

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