Let there be democ­racy in UPND

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Dear Edi­tor,

Al­low space in you great pa­per to re­ply to Imataa’s con­cerns over why I have made Hakainde Hichilema of UPND my sub­ject of con­fab each time I take to my pen.

That is true but I have noth­ing per­sonal against him. It is just the way he car­ries his pol­i­tics around that makes me want to say a thing or two about him.

OK Imataa as a true Zam­bian, how did you truly feel when your HH flew to South Africa (af­ter feign­ing sick­ness to avoid at­tend­ing court in Luan­shya) purely to go and talk ill about his own coun­try when he could have done so right here at home?

Who did he want to im­press? Maimaine or Julius Malema? My foot! And did he achieve any­thing in South Africa? The an­swer is a big NO.

Those two syco­phants are no bet­ter than Satan him­self and Imataa you want them to be HH’s men­tors, the man who wants to rule Zam­bia? I can­not be­lieve you!

You see Imataa in life if you talk too much, which is not al­ways a sign of wis­dom, the dan­ger is that there may be some­one who knows some­thing neg­a­tive about you and splut­ter.

As for not know­ing my pol­i­tics, well I can­not say much but only ad­vise your party to con­sider hold­ing a con­ven­tion soon for your lead­ers to seek a fresh man­date of of­fice. If that hap­pens, I will stand guilty as you have charged me.

But I bet you my life, noth­ing of the sort will ever take place in UPND. It is HH wa­muyaya like KK of UNIP in those days. HH is UPND and UPND is HH.

But as usual (and nat­u­rally), a day of reck­on­ing al­ways ar­rives to re­move such peo­ple from power.

Mark my words Imataa, HH will one day go the KK way. It is just a mat­ter of time.

Re­mem­ber KK was only shown the door af­ter 27 years in State House.

How I wish my late Pres­i­dent Fred­er­ick Chiluba was round, he would have told you some­thing about peo­ple who ab­hor con­ven­tions.

Sorry, Imataa but for as long as HH does not hum­ble him­self be­fore his masters, the Zam­bians, I in­cluded, he will al­ways be my sub­ject of de­bate un­til I win.

Oh, it is also nice too to know that you are an ar­dent reader of my let­ters.

Thank you so much and please keep it up.

JOSIAH SOKO, Sal­ima Road, Matero

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