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Daily Nation Newspaper - - FEATURE - by: Rack­son Chi­tanda

Eph­e­sians 6:7 WEL­COME to our to­day’s topic. This is about our char­ac­ter at our work place. The word of God in the book of Eph­e­sians 6:7 reads as fol­lows. “Work with en­thu­si­asm, as though you were work­ing for the Lord rather than for peo­ple.”

The word of God con­tin­ues to say that; Re­mem­ber that the Lord will re­ward each one of us for the good we do, whether we are slaves or free. This scrip­ture con­firms; a very im­por­tant bib­li­cal truth, it is God who pro­motes peo­ple. When they work hard.

We should not worry about hu­man be­hav­ior of jeal­ousy and back­bit­ing which oc­curs at the work place. But God will take the right ac­tion at the right time, af­ter all it is said that, God’s time is the best time.

Chris­tians are em­ployed in Gov­ern­ment, and many pri­vate com­pa­nies. This is where we are ad­vised to work with en­thu­si­asm as we are work­ing for the Lord. We are en­cour­aged to per­form our du­ties in the same way we would per­form, when we are work­ing for the Lord. And this fol­lows a very im­por­tant prom­ise. The Lord him­self will en­sure that we shall get re­warded for the hard work.

Some of us are re­tirees, dur­ing our time in ser­vice; we got this God’s re­ward, and trav­elled all over the world. At a par­tic­u­lar time, hav­ing been de­layed in pro­mo­tion, be­cause of hu­man fac­tors, got a dou­ble pro­mo­tion, this led to trav­el­ling abroad, near and far. It is true that God re­wards those that per­form their du­ties dili­gently.

In Eph­e­sians 6:5 the bible says “ser­vants be obe­di­ent to them that are your masters, ac­cord­ing to the flesh, with fear and trem­bling in sin­gle­ness of your heart, as unto Christ.” Obe­di­ence is a car­di­nal word to ob­serve at ev­ery work place.

It is a word that goes to­gether with punc­tu­al­ity. To be punc­tual on duty is to be obe­di­ent to the rules of the work­place. A per­son, who is never punc­tual at a work­place, breaks the rule of obe­di­ence in the first in­stance. You must be punc­tual and then the rest of the rules will fol­low. Obe­di­ence is godly, we do re­mem­ber Moses, the great leader of the Jewish peo­ple, he was so obe­di­ent to his mas­ter, the Lord God Almighty Je­ho­vah Jireh, to the point that he never tasted death.

If we can work en­thu­si­as­ti­cally at our work place, then we can make a very good and im­por­tant im­pres­sion to our em­ploy­ers, and our work can be re­warded.

We may fail to make a grade at our work place, be­cause we want to steal from our em­ploy­ers. In­stead we should wait for our pay day. There should not be any short cut to it. We should not have a habit of tak­ing away, what does not be­long to us. Ei­ther in­form of money or any other item that be­longs to our em­ploy­ers. Pil­fer­ing on duty can re­duce a com­pany to zero. In the end the com­pany may not have the ca­pac­ity to em­ploy our friends out there, wait­ing to be em­ployed. It is writ­ten in the book of Ex­o­dus 20:15 “Thou shalt not steal.” Steal­ing is sin. If you want to get some­thing, go to the own­ers of the com­pany and beg. It is very em­bar­rass­ing for the be­liever to be caught red handed with an item or with money which be­longs to the com­pany. Such peo­ple de­lay their own re­ward. This is not work­ing en­thu­si­as­ti­cally at your work place. It is im­por­tant that this be­hav­iour is avoided to the best of our abil­ity.

To re­ceive money from the gov­ern­ment, with a prom­ise to com­plete work and then ab­scond with money, is to­tally not Chris­tian.

In the book of Eph­e­sians 5:18, the Bible says “Do not be drunk with wine, be­cause that will ruin your life. In­stead be filled with the Holy Spirit”.

The ef­fects of al­co­hol are ob­vi­ous. Per­haps we may be not sure of the ef­fects of the Holy Spirit upon our lives. With the Holy Spirit, we shall be hum­ble and mer­ci­ful. Lov­ing kind­ness shall be upon us. We shall be thank­ful. We shall be in­cor­rupt­ible, th­ese will re­main per­ma­nent in us, for as long as we al­low Je­sus to be in our heart (Rev 3:20-21).

When we are filled with Holy Spirit, what­ever we shall say and do at the work place, will be rep­re­sen­ta­tive of what the Lord will re­quire of us.

Chris­tians should not be in­volved in talk­ing ill of their fel­low work mates. This is not al­lowed. In the book of Isa­iah 50:11; the Bible says: “Be­hold, all you that kin­dle a fire that com­passes your­selves about with sparks, walk in the light of your faith, and in the sparks that you have kin­dled. This shall have mine hand, ye shall lie down in sor­row.” This means that, if you rekin­dle a fire for your friends, to­mor­row a fire will be kin­dled against you. The Lord God Almighty will make it hap­pen. If you are in the habit of mak­ing life dif­fi­cult for your col­leagues at the work place, you are bound to suf­fer the same con­se­quences. Let it be pos­si­ble for your fel­low work­mates to work in to­tal har­mony. Make it pos­si­ble for your work­mate find it a to­tal plea­sure work­ing with you. To be at peace with ev­ery­body else. This is the best way to preach the word of God. To be good to all. Barn­abas and St. Paul, while in a place called An­ti­och, they acted so well be­fore the peo­ple, that they were called Chris­tians. That is Christ-like be­hav­ior. Never to be quar­rel­some.

As a Chris­tian, we must ex­er­cise self con­trol at a work­place. There are a lot of temp­ta­tions that arise at the work­place. This is where self con­trol is most re­quired. Some temp­ta­tions are to do with moral­ity.

Re­mem­ber it is writ­ten: “Thou shall not com­mit adul­tery”. (Ex­o­dus 20:14). It is sin. It must be avoided at all costs. Some peo­ple have landed them­selves in big trou­ble be­cause of en­gag­ing them­selves in im­moral­ity at a work place. Comit­ting adul­tery takes away “truth” from the Chris­tian vo­cab­u­lary. You deny what you do, be­cause you re­alise, it is trou­ble to say “yes you do”. We then stop to wor­ship Him, the Most High in truth. What is writ­ten in John 4:23, will then not ap­ply to us. Be­cause truth will not be in us.

To work with en­thu­si­asm, means to work with great spirit. To work with great de­sire. To work hard as if we are work­ing for Christ. To work vig­or­ously. To work with the de­sire to suc­ceed. To work la­bo­ri­ously. To work with en­thu­si­asm is to work with di­vine in­spi­ra­tion.

Re­mem­ber that you are the light of the world. Be­cause no per­son lights up the light or the lamp, and hides it un­der the bowl. In­stead he puts it on the lamp stand where it light to ev­ery­one in the house. Matthews 5:14-16. This is your time to cast your knowl­edge of God into deeds. Let your knowl­edge of God shine at your work­place. It is at your work­place you are sup­posed to be the real “salt of the earth”. (Matthew 5:13). To be use­ful, you must teach oth­ers what you know about Christ. You can start a de­vo­tion ses­sion at a work­place, for ev­ery­one to pray and wor­ship our Lord God Almighty. It is by so do­ing that you will en­cour­age the spread of the Word of God to all na­tions (Matthew 28:19-20). Do not be dor­mant, but ac­tive in spread­ing the Word of God. And show­ers of bless­ing will fol­low you. It is the word of sal­va­tion, that is only found in Christ Je­sus, that must be preached, it must be men­tioned that sal­va­tion only comes from Je­sus Christ, be­cause only He Him­self is sal­va­tion (Luke 2:29-32). This is Bib­li­cal truth which must be taught to all na­tions. And this is the pur­pose of our faith, it is sal­va­tion. (1st Peter 1:8-9). This is the rea­son why we re­joice with great and glo­ri­ous joy, which words can­not ex­press.

At a work­place, work­ers should know that it is only by faith that a per­son will please God (He­brews11:6). In ev­ery­thing that we do, as we ap­ply our­selves to do work as ap­pointed by man, there must be faith as a virtue, there is no al­ter­na­tive to this. Faith is nec­es­sary in all in­stances of prayer and thanks­giv­ing. This is be­cause, we are sure that God ex­ists, and that he cre­ated the heav­ens and the earth, what is seen and what is not seen. It is by faith that we be­lieve all th­ese things. If we have enough faith to be­lieve in the ex­is­tence of God and the cre­ation of the heav­ens and the earth, then the heaven is ours. (John3:16).

A be­liever must be of good will at all times. He must be able to pray for fel­low work­ers, es­pe­cially those in trou­ble and in sick­ness. A good Chris­tian is one who will be with those who are mourn­ing. It is im­por­tant to prac­tice pa­tience. As you work, be pa­tient with dif­fi­cult co-work­ers or em­ploy­ers. Pray for them. Let them see the “light” in you. And the power of God will work in their hearts.

It is writ­ten in the book of James 1:16-17 thus: “Do not be de­ceived broth­ers and sis­ters. Ev­ery good gift and ev­ery per­fect present comes from heaven; it comes from God, the cre­ator of heav­enly lights, who does not change or cause dark­ness by turn­ing”. When we re­al­ize that ev­ery good thing comes from God, then we shall be thank­ful to God for giv­ing us a place where to work. What­ever, we are do­ing, what is most im­por­tant is that God has given us a work­place, and we must thank Him for that. As we work earnestly, and to the glory of God rather than to man, we shall be­gin to taste the good­ness of our Lord God Almighty, Je­ho­vah Jireh, the Most High. And the bless­ings of God, come af­ter a per­son has put in hard work in all the ac­tiv­i­ties as re­quired at the work­place. Truly, God blesses peo­ple; our God pro­motes those who work hard. If you work hard, you will never be pruned, even if you are pruned, God will re­ceive you, will look af­ter you in times of trou­ble and will find you a new job. And suc­cess will fol­low you. This is the faith we have in our cre­ator. God Almighty Je­ho­vah Jireh, King of Kings. Be of good will.

May the bless­ing of our Lord God Almighty be upon our Repub­li­can Pres­i­dent, peace and love upon our beloved na­tion Zam­bia. Amen.

As a Chris­tian, we must ex­er­cise self con­trol at a work­place.

A be­liever must be of good will at all times.

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