Cor­rup­tion will kill Zam­bia if we don’t kill it now

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Dear Edi­tor, Ac­cord­ing to the United Na­tions, “cor­rup­tion un­der­mines hu­man de­vel­op­ment and democ­racy.

It re­duces ac­cess to pub­lic ser­vices by di­vert­ing pub­lic re­sources for pri­vate gain.”

Cor­rup­tion or cor­rupt prac­tices could sim­ply be de­fined as un­eth­i­cal way of do­ing things.

In other words get­ting things done in a fraud­u­lent man­ner with­out due re­gards to moral deco­rum.

Cor­rup­tion is also an ac­qui­si­tion of wealth through du­bi­ous means.

Cor­rup­tion will not do any good to any­one in the long term ba­sis, ei­ther to the giver or the re­ceiver of the cor­rupted money. Cor­rup­tion harms ev­ery­body be­cause it is based on in­jus­tice! Some peo­ple could be cor­rupt with­out them be­ing con­scious of it be­cause the sys­tem per­mits it while oth­ers are di­rectly in­volved in the act of cor­rup­tion be­cause they see it as the quick­est means to be­come rich.

Cor­rup­tion has sig­nif­i­cant eco­nomic, so­cial and po­lit­i­cal costs. It is as­so­ci­ated with more un­equal so­ci­eties, un­em­ploy­ment, bad in­fra­struc­ture, higher lev­els of or­ga­nized crime, poor gov­ern­ment, weaker rule of law, re­duced vot­ers turnout in Na­tional par­lia­men­tary elec­tions and lower trust in po­lit­i­cal in­sti­tu­tions. Cor­rup­tion has the ten­dency to dis­cour­age in­vestors from do­ing busi­ness in cor­rupt coun­tries. Cor­rup­tion makes it likely that do­mes­tic busi­nesses will in­vest over­seas rather than at home.

Cor­rup­tion leads to al­loca­tive in­ef­fi­ciency or di­vert­ing pub­lic re­sources for pri­vate gain. Cor­rup­tion is a global threat. It is a se­ri­ous road­block to any coun­try’s eco­nomic growth.

In a coun­try like Zam­bia that is not spared by cor­rup­tion, one may ask: How free of cor­rup­tion is the gov­ern­ment?

Can the peo­ple of Zam­bia trust the gov­ern­ment and other in­sti­tu­tions? How is the state money spent and on whom?

Zam­bians should start an­ticor­rup­tion clubs in schools, col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties.

Zam­bians should be mo­bi­lized against cor­rup­tion and now take their des­tiny in their hands. The fight should not be left alone to groups like the Anti-Cor­rup­tion Com­mis­sion (ACC). Let ev­ery­one join the fight against cor­rup­tion.

We all want to live a peace­ful, pros­per­ous and happy life, don’t we? A cor­rup­tion free so­ci­ety just pro­vide that to us.

Let us fight cor­rup­tion in all its forms. Let us build a cor­rupt free Zam­bia to­gether.

Say no to any form of cor­rup­tion.

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