… Lamba Royal Es­tab­lish­ment says Mulongoti lin­eage can’t be traced

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THE Lamba Royal Es­tab­lish­ment (LRE) has de­nied any links with, or knowl­edge of, Peo­ple’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti as one of its sub­jects.

A mem­ber of the LRE, Mr James Chisheta, said the name Mulongoti was the only one in the Lamba chief­dom and won­dered how that could be so.

In an in­ter­view with the Daily Na­tion, Mr Chisheta said the claims by Mr Mulongoti that he was a Lamba were false, as he was not known in the Mushishi clan.

Mr Chisheta said that Mr Mulongoti’s lin­eage could not be traced as he was the only Mulongoti in Lamba land.

“There is no other Mulongoti in Lamba land not even a trace of his bi­o­log­i­cal sis­ter or brother, to at­test to his claims that he comes from the Lamba peo­ple,” he said.

He said that the Lamba peo­ple were all-em­brac­ing and wel­comed ev­ery­one with­out seg­re­ga­tion but since Mr Mulongoti claimed that he was Lamba and from the vil­lage of Chief Lupuma, maybe the chief could be asked about his claims.

Mr Chisheba, who is for­mer Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment for Ka­fu­lafuta said that the LRE had fur­ther dis­tanced them­selves from Mr Mulongoti’s al­le­ga­tions that Pres­i­dent Lungu was not Zam­bian but a for­eigner from Congo or Malawi.

“The Lamba Royal Es­tab­lish­ment and the 15 chiefs from the Cop­per­belt dis­tance our­selves from Mr Mulongoti’s ill and un­pro­gres­sive project of mud­sling­ing Pres­i­dent Lungu and his fam­ily,” he said.

He said the LRE won­dered why Mr Mulongoti, who claimed to be from Lamba land would stoop so low and ped­dle such lies against Pres­i­dent Lungu be­cause Lam­bas did not have such a men­tal­ity.

“Why is Mr Mulongoti ped­dling such lies against the Pres­i­dent? He should stop it.

If you can­not openly apol­o­gise to the Pres­i­dent then just stop it you are ru­in­ing the coun­try’s im­age with your base­less rant­ings,

“We want to urge Pres­i­dent Lungu and his fam­ily to ig­nore the noise Mr Mulongoti is mak­ing and just con­tinue with his de­vel­op­ment works across the coun­try,” Mr Chisheta said.

Mr Mulongoti had also claimed that he was a brother of Tasila’s mother

“Mr Mulongoti is not a mem­ber of the Mushishi clan. I am a mem­ber of the Mushishi clan, but I’m not even her brother. Mr Mulongoti should stop, these lies,” Mr Chisheta said.

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