Ka­hare chief­dom wran­gles deepen

Daily Nation Newspaper - - HOME NEWS - By SAN­DRA MACHIMA

THE bat­tle for the Ka­hare chief­dom be­tween an un­cle and a nephew has es­ca­lated with Ed­ward Ka­hare (un­cle) in­sist­ing that he was not adopted son and there­fore Tual­i­fies to as­cend to the throne. “I am not an adopted son of the Ka­hare chief­dom, but I am part of the tra­di­tional lin­eage that Tual­i­fies me to be on the throne,” de­posed Chief Ka­hare, (dward of 1Neyema dis­trict in Kaoma has said. Mr Ka­hare said it was wrong for peo­ple in the chief­dom to scan­dalise and go against him when his­tory was clear. “If I was not the son of the soil, I would not have been wast­ing my time over the throne that be­longed to other peo­ple but it is worth fight­ing for what is right,” said Chief Ka­hare He told the Daily Na­tion that those who were mak­ing claims about his parent­age ac­tu­ally did not be­long to Chief Ka­hare king­dom, and are the ones who wanted to taNe ad­van­tage of the sit­u­a­tion. He said that the late Chief Ka­hare who died in 2016 was his brother, and that he was the right­ful heir to the throne ac­cord­ing to tra­di­tional lin­eage. “It is not about who you want, but the tra­di­tional lin­eage is clear, if I was an adopted son, I would not have been in that chief­dom, and we should not use short­cuts to gain sup­port even if things are wrong, truth should be told. Chief Ka­hare said he would not suc­cumb to pres­sure, but that as a leader, he would en­sure peace pre­vailed. And Mr Stan­ford May­owe, the al­leged mas­querad­ing chief said he would not leave the Chief Ka­hare throne be­cause the com­mu­nity chose him. Mr May­owe said there was no way Mr Ka­hare could claim to be a chief when he was there and had now clocked a year, adding tra­di­tional du­ties had con­tin­ued to taNe place. The tra­di­tional leader said in an in­ter­view that he had in­stru­ments of power and that he would not ac­cept any­one to de­throne him. “If any­thing, the com­plaints at the palace were not against him, but the Poli Ka­hare who was one of the tra­di­tional lead­ers, but was jailed to­gether with other in­dunas in con­nec­tion with the dis­pute that had rocNed the chief­dom last year. “Af­ter the jail­ing of Mr Poli Ka­hare, who was sup­posed to be Chief Ka­hare, the com­mu­nity de­cided to pick me as their chief and I have been at the palace from Septem­ber 30, 2017 to date,” said 0r 0ay­owe.

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