PF youths warn Kamb­wili over in­sults

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DO NOT dare us by cling­ing to PF seats while con­sis­tently in­sult­ing Pres­i­dent Edgar Lungu and the party lead­er­ship and claim­ing Gov­ern­ment is cor­rupt be­cause you will not like us if we re­act, PF young strong­man Fran­cis Muchemwa has warned Chishimba Kamb­wili and Harry Kal­aba. Mr. Muchemwa, who was also a may­oral hope­ful in the Lusaka may­oral race which was won by Miles Sampa, yes­ter­day said the PF had tried to re­main pa­tient and al­low the due process of the law to take its course over the duo over their ex­pul­sions but that the two MPs were now tak­ing courts for granted. He said it was sad that Mr. Kamb­wili and Mr Kal­aba, who had made it clear that they would never work with the PF again be­cause it was cor­rupt, had con­tin­ued mo­bil­is­ing their po­lit­i­cal par­ties and de­clared them­selves as pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates in the 2021 elec­tion yet rush­ing to court to chal­lenge their sus­pen­sions from PF. He said it was folly of the high­est or­der for the duo to con­tinue play­ing dou­ble stan­dards over their stand­ing with the PF and the state of their seats in par­lia­ment by re­fus­ing to al­low by-elec­tions to take place be­cause they wanted to con­tinue draw­ing salaries and al­lowances on the same party they were de­spis­ing. “When they were ex­pelled from the PF, they rushed to court be­cause all they want is to con­tinue get­ting salaries and al­lowances us­ing the PF yet they are busy mo­bil­is­ing their po­lit­i­cal par­ties where they want to stand in 2021. “We want to go for by-elec­tions in Roan and Ba­hati and these two in­di­vid­ual must just own up and prove their worth in these two con­stituen­cies. We will not take it kindly on Mr. Kamb­wili and Mr. Kal­aba if they con­tinue to in­sult the same Pres­i­dent and the party lead­er­ship which made them who they are to­day. They have their own par­ties and the only log­i­cal thing to do is to go for elec­tions so that we see their pop­u­lar­ity,” Mr. Muchemwa said. He warned the duo to stop toy­ing around and abus­ing the court pro­cesses un­nec­es­sar­ily to buy their time in par­lia­ment but go for elec­tions. “Our sec­re­tary gen­eral wrote to the Speaker of the Na­tional Assem­bly to de­clare Mr. Kamb­wili’s seat va­cant so that a by-elec­tion can take place and we did not ex­pect him to rush to court. He has been brag­ging that he is pop­u­lar. Why can’t he al­low a by-elec­tion to take place? “On the other hand, Mr. Kamb­wili and Mr. Kal­aba have been say­ing that the PF is cor­rupt and they can­not work with it. Why are they cling­ing to the seats of a cor­rupt party? They have con­tin­ued in­sult­ing the Pres­i­dent but now we are warn­ing them to stop it fail­ure to which we will re­act,” he warned.

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