Govt moves to re­store beef ex­ports

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VICE Pres­i­dent Emmerson Mnan­gagwa says re­build­ing the na­tional herd and restor­ing beef ex­ports is crit­i­cal in re­vi­tal­is­ing the econ­omy.

Ef­forts to re­stock the na­tional herd by the Gov­ern­ment and pri­vate play­ers have been ham­pered by re­cur­rent droughts and the out­break of dis­eases such as foot and mouth.

In a speech read on his be­half by the Min­is­ter of State in his of­fice, Clif­ford Sibanda at the re­cent­ly­held Mid­lands Show, Vice-Pres­i­dent Emmerson Mnan­gagwa said the Gov­ern­ment was pur­su­ing new mea­sures such as the grow­ing of pas­tures to sup­port live­stock pro­duc­tion.

“In the con­text of sup­port­ing the live­stock sec­tor and the de­sire to re­build our na­tional herd and re­gain our beef ex­port sta­tus, the Gov­ern­ment is pur­su­ing new in­no­va­tions such as the com­mer­cial grow­ing of pas­tures.

“This ini­tia­tive will also have the added ad­van­tage of re­duc­ing the na­tional grain de­mand. Cur­rently, grain such as maize is be­ing shared be­tween peo­ple and an­i­mals in the form of stock­feed.

sub­mit an ap­pli­ca­tion to the Com­mis­sioner Gen­eral of Zimra on the pre­scribed form ATR1 which can be down­loaded from the Zimra web­site Ap­pli­cants should en­sure that all re­quired de­tails and the full facts of the pro­posed trans­ac­tion are dis­closed on the form. It should be noted that while ap­pli­ca­tions should be sub­mit­ted for the Com­mis­sioner Gen­eral’s at­ten­tion, they can be sub­mit­ted through any of Zimra’s of­fices for our client’s ease of ac­cess.

In pro­cess­ing the ap­pli­ca­tion, the Com­mis­sioner Gen­eral may re­quest any ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion from the ap­pli­cant at any time which is re­quired to as­sist in the is­suance of a rul­ing.

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It should be noted that the above list is not ex­haus­tive and our val­ued clients are en­cour­aged to make an in­quiry with Zimra if they re­quire clar­ity on this is­sue.

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Pro­vi­sions of the Act are the subject of the Ad­vance Tax Rul­ing

Facts pre­sented are the same as the set of facts and cir­cum­stances gov­erned by the Ad­vance Tax Rul­ing

Facts of the trans­ac­tion fall within the ef­fec­tive pe­riod of the Ad­vance Tax Rul­ing

Con­di­tions im­posed by the Com­mis­sioner Gen­eral of Zimra have been sat­is­fied or car­ried out.

Re­minder: Pay­ment of Tax. Our val­ued clients are re­minded that the PAYE and VAT for the month of July 2016 are due on or be­fore the 10th and 25th of Au­gust 2016 re­spec­tively.

“Farm­ers are thus urged to grab these emerg­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties and grow their wealth,” said the VP.

He said the Gov­ern­ment through the Agri­cul­tural and Ru­ral De­vel­op­ment Au­thor­ity (Arda) has em­barked on grass farm­ing at one of its es­tates in Mangwe Dis­trict in Mata­bele­land South.

Al­ready 2 000 hectares have been put un­der grass farm­ing, which has the ca­pac­ity to feed 60 000 head of cat­tle.

The de­vel­op­ment is likely to mit­i­gate the ef­fects of the cur­rent drought that has al­ready killed more than 7 000 head of cat­tle in Masvingo, Mata­bele­land and the Mid­lands.

In the Mid­lands the Gov­ern­ment has em­barked on a sup­ple­men­tary feed­ing pro­gramme through sell­ing stock feed to farm­ers at sub­sidised prices to avert fur­ther cat­tle deaths in the prov­ince es­pe­cially in Mberengwa.

This is likely to stim­u­late the beef in­dus­try, which was once the hub of the com­mer­cial farm­ing sec­tor, where beef ex­ports used to earn over $100 mil­lion per year.

Zim­babwe’s cat­tle pop­u­la­tion has de­clined from 6,8 mil­lion in 2000 to the cur­rent 5,2 mil­lion and beef slaugh­ters have de­te­ri­o­rated to 200 000, from 605 000 in 2000. — @lavuzi­gara1

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