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He­brews 11:6 “But with­out faith it is im­pos­si­ble to please Him, for he who comes to God must be­lieve that He is, and that He is a re­warder of those who dili­gently seek Him.”

Yes­ter­day morn­ing, I had a con­ver­sa­tion with a very good friend of mine; the con­ver­sa­tion was about life and its many chal­lenges. It is not a se­cret that the gen­eral en­vi­ron­ment in our coun­try has some­what been dif­fi­cult, to say the least.

In mo­ments of dif­fi­culty de­spair tends to set in, ev­ery door you try to open ap­pears bolted rather than shut, even the doors that are open start to close in your face. Ev­ery­where you look it seems as if de­spair is the only cur­rency in town.

We spoke about my friend’s busi­ness and all the dif­fi­cul­ties that were at play, some days it’s dif­fi­cult to wake up be­cause you do not know what you will wake up to. On other days it’s an end­less roller coaster, where you just do not know whether you will sur­vive the day or not.

As if the is­sues of life are not hard enough, you also have to deal with dif­fi­cult re­la­tion­ships where the peo­ple that you ex­pect to sup­port you seem to be try­ing to de­stroy you and your col­leagues are de­ter­mined to hin­der your suc­cess.

Life and sur­vival can be so dif­fi­cult that it be­comes a chal­lenge just to get through the day. Giv­ing up may seem like the eas­ier op­tion but what many do not know is that giv­ing up comes with its own set of chal­lenges.

Giv­ing up can some­times mean clos­ing down some­thing you had set your mind to, and the is­sues around clo­sure and mov­ing on can be equally chal­leng­ing. The say­ing is true, you can run but you can­not hide. How we all wish we could put life on pause or erase the scenes we do not like.

Un­for­tu­nately life is real, there are no take-backs. What we need to learn is that the ob­sta­cles and pesti­lences that seem to plague us are so in­signif­i­cant in the eyes of God. Though the pain and the is­sues are real, when you turn whole­heart­edly to the Lord He has the abil­ity to calm the waters, to stop the storm from rag­ing on.

Our faith of­ten lets us down when we are fac­ing ad­ver­sity. We lose hope and start to be­lieve the neg­a­tiv­ity that plays out in our mind. Are you at that point to­day, are you bro­ken? Do you seek rest? Are you ask­ing for a break­through? Do you want a new life? It may seem as if you have reached rock-bot­tom but the truth is that the Lord can turn any sit­u­a­tion around.

Say a prayer of faith to­day, ask Him to show you new things. Ask Him to give you a new start, so that you can break free from the shack­les that are hold­ing you back. Say a prayer from the heart and, as you pray, be­lieve in what you are ask­ing for. Ask that His will for your life be as He has cho­sen. Your new day starts to­day, re­gard­less of all the things go­ing on around you. Keep the faith.

Be blessed

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