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I KNEW a guy once — he was al­most al­ways in a pair of flip flops and it drove me nuts!

I don’t know if I had tol­er­ated them bet­ter, had his feet been kept clean and his toe nails cut.

It seemed this was the only kind of footwear he knew. He wore them with a check­ered pair of shorts and a soc­cer jersey or a pair of jeans and a check­ered shirt.

The flip flops went al­most ev­ery­where pos­si­ble — dare I say he could’ve even worn them with a suit!

I asked him once — what the fix­a­tion on flip flops was all about — and all he could say was “I’m a sim­ple guy”. And in­deed he was— a sim­ple guy. Sim­ply bor­ing if you ask me!

I guess the flip flops said pretty much every­thing about his per­son­al­ity — I’m a sim­ple guy who won’t put any ef­fort into look­ing good which trans­lates to “I don’t care much”.

An aunt had al­ways jok­ingly said, when a man ap­proaches you, al­ways re­mem­ber to check his belt and shoes.

He may not be rich let alone have much to go by, but a man who cares will al­ways make an ef­fort to get a good pair of shoes and a de­cent belt — even if it’s the only pair he owns.

He’ll al­ways make an ef­fort to give you the best of what he can af­ford.

Be­lieve it or not, shoes say a lot about a man’s per­son­al­ity.

I should’ve known never to trust this one and his flip flops!

Men, I know you don’t think about fash­ion nearly as much as women do, but when it comes to your footwear choices, you might want to give it a sec­ond thought.

Women can tell a lot about you by the shoes you wear.

Even if our thoughts aren’t com­pletely ac­cu­rate de­pic­tions of who you are, this is how we’re siz­ing you up.

The eyes might be the win­dow to the soul, but shoes are the win­dow to just about every­thing else. So you might want to take some notes.

What you choose to put on your feet ac­tu­ally does re­flect some­thing about you, whether it be lazi­ness (socks with slip-on san­dals), obliv­i­ous­ness (un­tied sneak­ers) or keen style savvy (those trendy suede desert boots we love so much).

If you’re sport­ing a fresh tanned pair of Tim­ber­lands, chances are you’re pretty ghetto — but in a cool, gang­ster rap kind of way.

To pull off a pair of Tim­ber­lands, you’re go­ing to need big feet, so you’re prob­a­bly a big guy.

Tim­ber­lands are clas­sic — just like you, an OG who was lis­ten­ing to Big­gie be­fore he was Big­gie.

The man who wears boat shoes likes look­ing put to­gether which means he prob­a­bly takes as much time pick­ing out an out­fit as we do; ul­ti­mately, he cares quite a lot about how he looks and will care about how his woman looks.

I’m an ab­so­lute fan of the Con­verse; I think they’re quite cool. A man who wears these is re­laxed — an av­er­age guy who we’ll prob­a­bly end up mar­ry­ing. We like these shoes and we like you.

Like a great pair of Con­verse, you are un­der­stated, com­pli­men­tary and ef­fort­lessly fit in on any oc­ca­sion. You can go to a back­yard party or a red carpet event — ei­ther way you’ll en­joy your­self.

There’s no rea­son to ever wear san­dals and socks — choose one. All this tells us is that you were too lazy to take your socks off be­fore putting your san­dals on, which makes us think twice about your judg­ment.

Maybe you’re an ath­letic guy who’s prob­a­bly run­ning from one prac­tice ses­sion to an­other, but that doesn’t change the fact you’re still wear­ing socks and san­dals.

The only per­son who could even re­motely pull this off is Cris­tiano Ron­aldo. Are you him? No, so take off your damn socks and make sure your toe nails don’t re­sem­ble the claws of a cat!

When we even­tu­ally break up, we’ll be ask­ing our­selves why the re­la­tion­ship with the flip flop guy lasted so long.

If you’re wear­ing fancy dress shoes, it im­plies that you’re don­ning an ex­pen­sive suit. And, there is noth­ing a woman loves more than a man in a suit, es­pe­cially a lux­ury one. Cha Ching! No woman can ever say no to a man with a cou­ple of dol­lars in the bank.

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