Any­thing wrong with a man purse?

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BACK in the day, own­ing a brief­case was quite a thing.

It was some­what a sym­bol of af­flu­ence. Rich men car­ried th­ese around and the not so rich would pose for pic­tures while car­ry­ing them.

In movies, when you see a brief­case, it’s highly likely stacked with bricks of $100 dol­lar bills.

Some­one is about to be paid a ran­som, it’s a drug deal about to be closed or some­one is be­ing bribed.

But nowa­days, you hardly ever see a man car­ry­ing a brief­case or any bag for that mat­ter.

The sling bag once be­came pop­u­lar but like any other fash­ion trend, it quickly fiz­zled out – men hardly carry those any­more.

No man I know ex­cept for Zim­babwe Style Icon Craig Zoowie owns and knows how to use a good man bag.

To­day, if you see a man car­ry­ing a bag and they’re not trav­el­ling, chances are high there’s a lap­top in it.

But why are man bags not a thing any­more? Could it be be­cause African men, Zim­bab­wean men to be spe­cific, are not quite the met­ro­sex­ual bunch?

Now it’s got me think­ing I need to find my­self a classier group of male friends, nei­ther of them are THAT so­phis­ti­cated.

I’m just kid­ding but I wish they knew not only how stylish and prac­ti­cal own­ing one could be.

Some of them don’t even own wal­lets; they just stuff their money straight into their pock­ets and ran­domly pick bills from there when­ever the need arises.

Those who do own wal­lets have them so stuffed they leave a bulge in the pocket.

That can be rather dis­tract­ing, seeing that big bulge on the thigh area.

I don’t un­der­stand how one would rather walklk around with wal­letl­let and car keys hand­snds when they placed­ced in some

They even go around ask­ingk­ing for the ir in their can be bag.

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