Op­po­si­tion par­ties bent on mak­ing trou­ble

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ED­I­TOR — The vi­o­lent ac­tions re­cently wit­nessed in Zim­babwe show ex­plic­itly that op­po­si­tion par­ties are power hun­gry and do not carry traces of na­tional in­ter­est in them.

The way the Nera demon­stra­tion opened up to sense­less de­struc­tion of prop­erty and loot­ing shows that the failed politi­cians in the mould of Didy­mus Mu­tasa and Mor­gan Ts­van­gi­rai with the as­sis­tance of rogue youths pre­tend­ing to be ac­tivists, are will­ing to de­stroy all we have worked for since 1980.

This is a self­ish project by a group that does not have any­thing to of­fer the elec­torate dur­ing elec­tion time.

Those fa­mil­iar with Bi­b­li­cal sto­ries will re­mem­ber that dur­ing Solomon`s time there were two women who had iden­ti­cal chil­dren and one of them slept on her child who then died.

When the mat­ter was taken to King Solomon he asked whether or not the live child should be cut in half since it was dif­fi­cult to as­cer­tain who the child`s mother was.

One of the women was quick to opt for the child to be cut and from this Solomon re­alised that the woman did not have any com­pas­sion for the baby, some­thing a mother would be ex­pected to show. She was not the baby’s mother.

Back to Zim­babwe, it is ev­i­dent who the mother who slept on her baby is.

MDC –T and their col­lab­o­ra­tors slept on their po­lit­i­cal rel­e­vance and now that their move­ments are beyond re­demp­tion they want to dis­rupt busi­ness for or­di­nary peo­ple.

How does burn­ing vend­ing stalls at Copa Ca­bana help in elec­toral re­forms? The pa­thetic de­vi­a­tion of agenda shows that these thugs had an in­ten­tion to cause havoc.

How is block­ing roads with stones sup­posed to im­prove the eco­nomic sta­tus? The in­con­ve­nience is spread­ing to or­di­nary peo­ple and the author­i­ties should not tol­er­ate this non­sense.

We ex­pect a crack­down on all in­volved par­ties. It is sad how walk­ing in the CBD in Harare has be­come a risky or­deal be­cause of a few po­lit­i­cal blun­der­ers who are only in­ter­ested in hog­ging in­ter­na­tional dead­lines even for the wrong rea­sons.

They must be ar­rested be­cause schools are about to open and for the safety of our chil­dren this in­san­ity can­not con­tinue. Never Mahunze, Glen No­rah

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