Woman show­ers for first time in 30 years

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A WOMAN who suf­fered from a pho­bia of wa­ter has beaten her fear — and had her first shower in 30 years.

Donna McMa­hon was ter­ri­fied of wa­ter af­ter an in­ci­dent on holiday when she was just five years old.

The 35-year-old was pet­ri­fied of wa­ter go­ing over her head, and has spent decades tak­ing an hour to wash her hair in small sec­tions while only in a shal­low bath.

Now, thanks to hyp­nother­apy, she has beaten the fear af­ter 30 years.

Donna, from Liver­pool, spent 30 years al­low­ing her fear to con­trol her life, avoid­ing swim­ming baths and beaches.

“My life has im­proved so much in such a short pe­riod of time, I of­ten visit our lo­cal swim­ming baths, Europa Pools Leisure Cen­tre, in Birken­head, with­out any prob­lems at all.

“The hyp­no­tist, Robert, man­aged to find the cause of my wa­ter pho­bia, it was an in­ci­dent that hap­pened when I was five.

“I was on a wa­ter slide and an­other child pushed me down it and I was pan­ick­ing the whole way down as I didn’t think my dad was go­ing to catch me and that I was go­ing to drown.

“I be­came so up­set af­ter­wards that I ru­ined the whole day out and ever since I cre­ated a huge sense of anx­i­ety in my own head ev­ery time I thought about wa­ter.

“I feel so re­lieved now I can get on with my life with­out the ir­ra­tional fear hang­ing over my head.”

Donna can­not be­lieve that 30 years worth of fear and worry has been re­solved in just one hour with hyp­no­tist Robert.

The pair spent a fur­ther two hours vis­it­ing dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions sur­rounded by wa­ter to help com­bat the anx­i­ety once and for all.

She added: “I can’t be­lieve my life long prob­lem was solved in one hour, I never imag­ined in my wildest dreams that I would ac­tu­ally be able to go un­der wa­ter and not be pet­ri­fied.

“I knew I couldn’t al­low my fear to take hold for any longer, the older I was get­ting, the worse it had be­come.

“I was hav­ing such shal­low baths that the wa­ter would barely touch my legs, it’s such a relief that this chap­ter is over.

“I could not thank Robert enough for how he has trans­formed my life, I would rec­om­mend him to any­one who has a pho­bia, he has worked mir­a­cles on me.”

The Hyp­no­tist Man, Robert Hisee, said: “When I first met Donna in March she was very ner­vous about the whole process as she didn’t know what to ex­pect.

“She told me about her child­hood hor­ror at five years but I soon re­alised the prob­lem came from her vi­su­al­is­ing a sce­nario that never hap­pened.

“Donna was pan­ick­ing that she was go­ing to drown but her dad caught her at the bot­tom of the slide.

“Us­ing my un­con­scious mind ther­apy tech­niques that I have cre­ated over the course of 10 years, I was able to re­move the feel­ing with hyp­notic lan­guage and break­ing her be­lief of think­ing ev­ery time she went near wa­ter she would drown.

“Af­ter that I took her to the River Mersey and I guided her through the pro­cesses of re­cov­ery.

“We then went to the swim­ming baths and she was able to place her hand in the wa­ter and she was fine.

“And that evening she took her kids swim­ming and she was send­ing me pic­tures of them swim­ming.

“It was amaz­ing, she was able to put her head un­der the wa­ter and for 30 years she had a shower.” — Dai­lyMail A DES­PER­ATE mother is plead­ing for help for her nine-year-old daugh­ter who has started sneez­ing 8 000 times a day.

Doc­tors are baf­fled by the mys­tery con­di­tion rul­ing out the most com­mon causes of sneez­ing such cold or al­ler­gies.

The only time Ira Sax­ena stops is when she is asleep but the fits restart the mo­ment she wakes up mean­ing she has been un­able to go to school since the sneez­ing started.

Mum Priya has taken the young­ster to a GP, spe­cial­ist and a pri­vate clinic, but so far no one has been able to di­ag­nose the prob­lem or stop it.

She said: “Three weeks ago she just woke up sneez­ing and she has not stopped. It started slowly and has pro­gressed to be­come more con­stant and vi­o­lent.

“The doc­tors are say­ing it is pos­si­bly an in­cor­rect sig­nal be­ing sent from her brain or a tic, but no­body can be sure.

“She is not al­ler­gic to any­thing and has been given, steroids, an­ti­his­tamines and a nasal spray, but she is just not re­spond­ing to any­thing.

“No one has seen any­thing like this be­fore and they are all giv­ing her dif­fer­ent things, but noth­ing is work­ing.”

The only time her sneez­ing fits stopped Ira had an hour of hyp­nother­apy and she did not sneeze at all, but as soon as it fin­ished, the sneez­ing fits restarted.

Her mum has made a home­opa­thy ap­point­ment.

Priya said: “The one bless­ing is she sleeps fine, it is the only time when she is not sneez­ing and she can sleep right through the night.”

Ira, a pupil at North Pri­mary School, in Colch­ester, has been kept at home since her con­di­tion started.

Priya said: “It is very frus­trat­ing, but the school has been very sup­port­ive.

“She tried to go to back, but only lasted for one morn­ing be­fore she had to come home be­cause she was just sneez­ing so much. “This is rob­bing her of her life. “It is so frus­trat­ing and she is be­ing very brave. To be truth­ful, it is af­fect­ing me more than it is her, I just want her to be back to how she was be­fore."

In 2009, Lauren John­son (12) of Vir­ginia, US, started to sneeze thou­sands of times a day and was even­tu­ally di­ag­nosed by an im­mu­nol­o­gist who said her im­mune sys­tem had been sent hay­wire by a throat in­fec­tion Last year Kate­lyn Thorn­ley, of Texas, US, started hav­ing sneez­ing bouts. Doc­tors are still per­plexed. Any­one who be­lieves they can help treat or di­ag­nose Ira's con­di­tion should email­priya99.sax­ena@gmail.com — Daily Mail

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