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He­brews 13:1-2

“Let broth­erly love con­tinue. Do not for­get to en­ter­tain strangers, for by so do­ing some have un­wit­tingly en­ter­tained angels.”

A few days ago, I wrote about street kids, and I re­ceived some in­ter­est­ing re­sponses to the ar­ti­cle, one of which I would like to share. My niece reg­u­larly vis­its a shop­ping cen­tre where she al­ways bumps into the same group of street kids that al­ways ha­rass her for money.

Last week she went to the shops as usual, the young boys asked her for money in the same jovial man­ner they al­ways do, and as is her tra­di­tion she reached into her hand bag to take out her wal­let, only to dis­cover that she had for­got­ten it at home. Dis­traught at the prospect of hav­ing to go back home, which is a quite a dis­tance from the shops, she told the young man that she felt re­ally bad that she would not be able to get the bread she had come to buy.

The young man, see­ing how dis­tressed she was, said to her, “Wait, I will be back.” When he came back he handed her a loaf of bread and said to her “To­day is my day to help you out.” She was so touched she did not know what to do, in her shock she did not ac­cept the gift. How­ever, the in­ci­dent kept eat­ing at her un­til she shared the story with me.

All these years she had al­ways given, to­day the same per­son she had in­vested in had showed her kind­ness that went be­yond what was ex­pected of him. Many of us like to re­ceive, we never want to go be­yond our com­fort zone to help oth­ers.

The Bi­ble says that we have angels that we en­ter­tain in our midst but we do not know them. Many peo­ple will not go out of their way to in­vest in oth­ers un­less they can get some­thing out of it too. We are some­times all guilty of that, of be­ing out­right self­ish, only driven by a de­sire to have rather than to give and be a bless­ing to oth­ers.

My niece was touched be­yond mea­sure, she was not ex­pect­ing that, and the source was so un­likely. The les­son here is to treat ev­ery­one kindly, we are all called to in­vest in the un­fore­seen. More im­por­tantly let’s try by all means to treat ev­ery­one with kind­ness and love.

You never know, the per­son you look down on to­day, may be the very per­son who may bail you out to­mor­row. Let’s make an ef­fort to treat ev­ery­one with kind­ness, tak­ing note that some­times God uses His hu­man agents to grow our faith, if we can only trust that the Lord is still reign­ing.

May all our hearts be opened to the re­al­ity that to­day’s cir­cum­stances do not in any way con­sti­tute the sum to­tal of what the fu­ture holds for all the peo­ple that make up our greater cir­cle and be­yond.

May we never stop be­ing a bless­ing to oth­ers.

Be blessed

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