Man bashes wife, son with log

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A BU­L­AWAYO man has been charged with at­tempted mur­der af­ter he al­legedly bashed his wife and three year old son with a log, leav­ing them hos­pi­talised.

A court heard that Never Mankuli (28) was drunk when he had an ar­gu­ment that was not dis­closed in court with his wife Ms Luzivo Mun­saka (23).

Mankuli, the court heard, grabbed a log and hit his wife all over the body, be­fore turn­ing to his son and strik­ing him three times on the head. He pleaded not guilty to an at­tempted mur­der charge. Mankuli ad­mit­ted as­sault­ing his wife but said he was un­aware of the pos­si­ble con­se­quences of his ac­tions.

“Your Wor­ship I’m so sorry I was not aware of the con­se­quences. It’s just that I was drunk and we had an ar­gu­ment with my wife. I had no in­ten­tion to kill her,” said Mankuli.

Bu­l­awayo Re­gional Mag­is­trate Mrs Si­bongile Msipa-Marond­edze re­manded Mankuli in cus­tody to to­mor­row.

She dis­missed his claim that he was not aware his ac­tion would lead to his fam­ily’s hos­pi­tal­i­sa­tion.

“Surely you can’t pick a log and hit some­one se­verely with it then ex­pect them not to die. If you were so drunk like you claim why didn’t you just slap them? It’s bet­ter for you to go and sleep over this mat­ter. Read care­fully the State pa­pers and un­der­stand your charge. This is at­tempted mur­der that you are fac­ing,” said Mrs Msi­paMarond­edze.

Prose­cut­ing, Miss Con­cilia Ncube told the court that on Septem­ber 1 Mankuli came home drunk.

“He punched her all over the body then as­saulted her with a log. Ac­cused then turned to his son and struck him with the same log three times. Both com­plainants sus­tained severe in­juries. His wife was in­jured on the scalp, chest and face,” said Miss Ncube. She said both the child and mother were ad­mit­ted at the United Bu­l­awayo Hos­pi­tals (UBH). — @tan­nytkay

While some peo­ple re­cy­cle plas­tics, these men de­cide to burn the waste caus­ing se­ri­ous pol­lu­tion at an in­dus­trial area in Bu­l­awayo re­cently. (Pic­ture by Eliah Saushoma)

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