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Ro­mans 11 vs 29 “For the gifts and the call­ing of God are ir­rev­o­ca­ble.”

Have you ever wanted to do some­thing, which you know you should do but have lacked the men­tal re­solve to do it? You know what you should do and when you should do it but you just can­not get your mind round to get­ting on with it.

It gets to a point where you are frus­trated be­yond mea­sure. Your abil­ity to com­plete the task is hin­dered, de­spite the fact that you are con­victed in your be­lief of the course of ac­tion to take. So many of us suf­fer from this, to a point where we run in the op­po­site di­rec­tion of where we should be go­ing.

The story of Jonah, al­though dra­matic, sym­bol­ises the very essence of a clouded mind that knew what it should be do­ing but chose to run in­stead of con­fronting the call and the real­ity of the is­sues that it had been tasked with. Un­like us, Jonah could clearly hear the voice of the Lord but he chose to run away from His in­struc­tion.

The net re­sult was calamity; he caused him­self all sorts of dif­fi­culty to a point where it be­gan to af­fect the lives of oth­ers. In a bid to cor­rect things, he chose to be cast away. God found a per­fect refuge for him in a big fish that gave him time to pray, re­flect and seek the coun­sel of God.

I guess the les­son here is that you can run but you can­not hide from the things you have been called to do. We all face all man­ner of dilem­mas that some­times force us to run from the real­ity of the is­sues we are con­fronted with. The longer you choose not to do some­thing you should be do­ing, the more you com­pro­mise your cir­cum­stances, your ex­is­tence and your hap­pi­ness.

We are all caught up in is­sues and things we would rather run from, we de­lib­er­ate with our­selves and ask our­selves ques­tions like, “what’s the worst that could hap­pen if I don’t do it any­way?” We come up with rea­sons why we should not do the things we are sup­posed to be do­ing; it’s too dif­fi­cult, it’s time con­sum­ing, and what if I fail? and so on.

One of the el­e­ments of suc­cess is to have re­solve, to go be­yond the ex­cuses and ac­tu­ally take ac­tion in­stead of just think­ing about do­ing some­thing. It starts with a men­tal de­ci­sion to move moun­tains and then ac­tu­ally do­ing it.

You will never find a per­fect set­ting, there will al­ways be rea­son why this or that can not be done and if you give your­self enough ex­cuses, you will be caught up in a cy­cle of re­gret.

Noth­ing is more painful than the state­ment “if only I had”. Lead the life you want to live, so many ideas, op­por­tu­ni­ties and rev­e­la­tions have been given to you. Go on a limb and ac­tu­ally tell your mind: I have re­solved to do this and I am ac­tu­ally go­ing to do it.

You just may be sur­prised that the an­swers you have been search­ing for have al­ways been there, and you in­abil­ity to re­solve to carry out your given task is what has been keep­ing you from your bless­ings.

Be that per­son who makes a dif­fer­ence, be the per­son that peo­ple ad­mire who al­ways gets things done.

Your hap­pi­ness de­pends on it.

Be blessed

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