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BU­L­AWAYO, Thurs­day, Septem­ber 29, 1966 — Some Hill­side ratepay­ers who have sep­tic tanks say Bu­l­awayo City Coun­cil’s de­ci­sion to com­pel them to link up — at their own ex­pense — with the city’s sew­er­age sys­tem is ar­bi­trary and un­just, and is im­pos­ing on them an un­nec­es­sary fi­nan­cial bur­den.

Mr VD Browne of Weir Av­enue, said he would not pay for his prop­erty to be con­nected with the City sys­tem.

“I am per­fectly happy with my sep­tic tank. I have four acres and to put down pipes and drains would cost about £500. I won’t do it.

“I hold the City Coun­cil to the un­der­tak­ing given Hill­side res­i­dents when they were in­cor­po­rated in the mu­nic­i­pal­ity that we would re­tain our rights and priv­i­leges.

“That in­cluded our sta­bles , and they have taken our sta­bles away. I won’t have them tak­ing any more away.”

Mr Browne said he had writ­ten to the Min­is­ter of Fi­nance protest­ing at the ex­pense at a time when the gov­ern­ment was urg­ing ev­ery­one to save.

“If it is em­ploy­ment they want to cre­ate, let them make roads and im­prove the light­ing. These items are much more ur­gent than the san­i­tary ar­range­ment here, which are quite all right”.

Dr PJ Barnard, of Mof­fat Av­enue, also wants no part in the pro­posed scheme. He lives on a kopje and his gar­den is ter­raced.

“I will not per­mit blast­ing on this prop­erty. The last time there was blast­ing in the neigh­bour­hood it cracked our swim­ming pool”, he said.

The ex­pense of con­nect­ing his prop­erty with sew­er­age mains on the bound­ary would be “tremen­dous” he said.

To reach his house the drains and pipes would have to cross a neigh­bour’s prop­erty. Among those in favour of the de­ci­sion was Col CW Dun­combe, of Napier Av­enue, who said it was ex­cel­lent. His sep­tic tank was not a men­ace to health, but was “a con­founded nui­sance”.

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