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Eph­e­sians 4 vs 29

“Do not let any un­whole­some talk come out of your mouths, but only what is help­ful for build­ing oth­ers up ac­cord­ing to their needs, that it may ben­e­fit those who lis­ten.”

We spend a size­able por­tion of our time in con­ver­sa­tion; talk­ing and shar­ing. Our abil­ity to con­verse is a fun­da­men­tal part of who we are, we con­verse to com­mu­ni­cate how we feel, what we want, when we want it, what we like and dis­like and, ul­ti­mately ev­ery­thing about us.

I spent some time in con­ver­sa­tion with some­one I had never spo­ken in de­tail with be­fore, I only knew this per­son from a dis­tance and our en­coun­ters al­ways ended in a po­lite greet­ing. I made a lot of as­sump­tions about the per­son based on the dis­tance that ex­isted between us. To my sur­prise, I must say I en­joyed the time I spent with this in­di­vid­ual. We spoke about our fam­i­lies, our chal­lenges, our tri­umphs, our churches, is­sues of faith and life in gen­eral.

Af­ter the con­ver­sa­tion, I thought to my­self, I dis­cov­ered so much to­day and it was quite en­joy­able. It made me look at peo­ple dif­fer­ently. In our haste we sel­dom spend time get­ting to know peo­ple, we are quick to con­clude and judge. Of­ten times our con­clu­sions are wrong, and we end up form­ing opin­ions that we share with oth­ers.

These opin­ions then turn into gos­sip, the nasty things we share with­out due cause or care. Our mouths be­come weapons of de­struc­tion rather than con­struc­tion. There is so much hurt that orig­i­nates from con­ver­sa­tion, yet this beau­ti­ful gift to con­verse was meant to be a bless­ing. Con­ver­sa­tion is meant for us to en­cour­age, as­sist, strengthen, and cheer each other up.

Christ spoke and taught, he used his short stay on this earth to cor­rect and en­lighten. Let’s eval­u­ate what we are us­ing this beau­ti­ful gift of com­mu­ni­ca­tion for. Are you build­ing or are you de­stroy­ing? Be­gin to change the na­ture of what you speak about, learn to set aside the hate, the mal­ice and any­thing that does not add value.

We of­ten speak out of bore­dom, we run out of things to say and be­fore we know it we have en­tan­gled our­selves in things we can­not get out of. Si­lence costs noth­ing, you don’t al­ways have to speak. If you have noth­ing to say, don’t say any­thing. Si­lence is golden.

As man speaketh he thin­keth, at the end of ev­ery con­ver­sa­tion peo­ple form con­clu­sive opin­ions about your char­ac­ter based on the con­ver­sa­tion. These opin­ions form the ba­sis of the de­ci­sions that peo­ple will make, whether to rec­om­mend you for that job you des­per­ately need, share in an op­por­tu­nity or form mean­ing­ful friend­ships that last.

At the end of the con­ver­sa­tion I spoke about ear­lier, I felt en­riched, it was time well spent. It changed my opin­ion of that per­son, I be­gan to look at them as some­one I wanted to in­ter­act with again, and given the op­por­tu­nity, I would help them with no reser­va­tions.

To­day, make a con­scious ef­fort to be an am­bas­sador for good, an agent for pro­duc­tive change. Ev­ery word you share must be filled with pos­i­tiv­ity. It is of­ten said that you should treat oth­ers like you would want to be treated. Be­gin to con­verse about stuff that brings life, words that mat­ter, that en­cour­age and help other peo­ple.

Ev­ery so of­ten ev­ery­one needs a kind word, those words can make the dif­fer­ence between build­ing up a winner and con­fin­ing some­one to the dust bin of failure based on bruised egos, hurt feel­ings and in­sen­si­tive words that seek to rob the self esteem of oth­ers.

Be the per­son that ev­ery­body wants to spend time with and talk to, let your mouth be a foun­tain of wis­dom and life.

What will you con­verse about to­day? Start chang­ing lives pos­i­tively through your words, share a scrip­ture to­day.

Be blessed

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