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IN an in­ci­dent that has left tongues wag­ging in Chief Njelele’s area in Gokwe, a 36-year-old woman gave birth to a frog-like crea­ture af­ter she sud­denly went into labour at home.

The lady who was eight months preg­nant passed out soon af­ter giv­ing birth to the scary thing. Her hus­band took her to Gokwe Dis­trict Hos­pi­tal, where the crea­ture later died.

But the bro­ken cou­ple of Mr No­more (39) and Mrs Precious Ny­athi (36) which was ex­pect­ing their first child to­gether kept the frog in their bed­room for some days be­fore vil­lagers tipped the lo­cal tra­di­tional leader who or­dered that it be burnt be­fore a stunned crowd.

The in­ci­dent which is now the talk of Gokwe oc­curred last Thurs­day at Si­do­jiwe Vil­lage un­der Chief Njelele.

An of­fi­cial at Gokwe Dis­trict Hos­pi­tal said Mrs Ny­athi was reg­is­tered with the hos­pi­tal as an ex­pec­tant mother and was sup­posed to de­liver by the end of this month.

“She was our pa­tient who would come for rou­tine re­views to­gether with other preg­nant women. We were shocked when she vis­ited the hos­pi­tal in the com­pany of her hus­band and some neigh­bours say­ing she had de­liv­ered a frog,” said the of­fi­cial.

The of­fi­cial who can­not be named for pro­fes­sional rea­sons said they only gave Mrs Ny­athi painkillers be­fore they dis­charged her. “She only had some blood stains which sug­gested that she could have been in labour but ev­ery­thing on her was nor­mal,” said the of­fi­cial.

Mean­while, a news crew vis­ited Chief Njelele’s homestead yes­ter­day where the dis­traught cou­ple brought the al­leged frog be­fore a shaken crowd that had gath­ered to see it.

A self pro­claimed prophet in the com­mu­nity took it upon him­self to burn the crea­ture which had shriv­elled and dried up. He al­leged that a jeal­ous neigh­bour had be­witched the cou­ple.

In an in­ter­view, Mr Ny­athi said they have been hold­ing on to their “child” be­cause they were still con­fused and did not know what to do with it. “We were all con­fused fol­low­ing this hellish ex­pe­ri­ence and un­til to­day I don’t have peace of mind. We were ex­pect­ing a child and this is what the heav­ens gave us. I had to keep it in my home wait­ing for ad­vice from the vil­lage el­ders as well as our lo­cal chief,” Mr Ny­athi sobbed.

He said he re­ceived a phone call from a neigh­bour in­form­ing him his wife had sud­denly gone into labour but had given birth to “a strange thing.”

“I rushed home and was shocked to see a frog. The el­derly women I found gath­ered at my homestead said it was what my wife had just de­liv­ered. She was still writhing in pain and we had to take her to the hos­pi­tal in a scotch cart. At the hos­pi­tal they con­firmed that she went into labour but they were equally shocked that the re­sult of her labour pain was a frog,” said Mr Ny­athi.

Mrs Ny­athi said she was still in a state of shock and the ex­pe­ri­ence will haunt her for the whole of her life.

“It’s a hellish ex­pe­ri­ence which will haunt me all my life. I don’t know how our tra­di­tional leader will help us on this one be­cause the hos­pi­tal au­thor­i­ties could not give us any ex­pla­na­tion to this,” said Mrs Ny­athi who has two chil­dren from a pre­vi­ous mar­riage.

Chief Njelele said there were many weird things that oc­cur in Gokwe but a woman giv­ing birth to a frog was stranger. “It’s stranger than fic­tion. I had to call hos­pi­tal au­thor­i­ties and they in­deed con­firmed that she was one of their preg­nant pa­tients who reg­u­larly vis­ited the hos­pi­tal for re­views but they could not ex­plain what hap­pened to her preg­nancy,” he said.

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