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Philip­pi­ans 4 vs 8 “Fi­nally, brethren, what­ever things are true, what­ever things are no­ble, what­ever things are just, what­ever things are pure, what­ever things are lovely, what­ever things are of good re­port, if there is any virtue and if there is any­thing praise­wor­thy – med­i­tate on these things.”

I have been scan­ning through the lo­cal news­pa­pers and it all makes such sad read­ing, noth­ing at all that is pos­i­tive or up­lift­ing is be­ing shared. It speaks of mis­ery to come or tragedy that has al­ready oc­curred.

So much neg­a­tiv­ity is spewed and as I read through it I thought of all the souls that are the sub­ject of so much hate on a daily ba­sis. I have of­ten won­dered why any one would want to be a leader or bet­ter still of­fer them­selves for ser­vice when the daily serv­ing is a pop­u­la­tion that is bay­ing for blood and is fu­eled by a me­dia that thrives on sell­ing the prospect of doom.

I have never un­der­stood what can drive a per­son to the depths of con­tin­u­ally wish­ing ill of the other, to a point where they make it their life’s mis­sion to only share neg­a­tive things that do not ed­ify.

We are the prod­ucts of the en­vi­ron­ment we live in and ul­ti­mately what we con­sume. So much of who we are is a re­sult of what we are ex­posed to on a daily ba­sis. To be happy and friendly you must be ex­posed to happy thoughts or at least pleas­ant­ness. Bit­ter­ness is a nor­mal de­fault set­ting that can only be made worse by con­tin­u­ally in­ject­ing neg­a­tive thoughts into your al­ready jaded and tired soul. We are who we de­cide to be and we are driven by what we de­cide to con­sume.

In the book of Jeremiah, at the con­clu­sion of a dif­fi­cult pe­riod in which the rem­nant of the chil­dren of Is­rael who had sur­vived cap­tiv­ity un­der the lead­er­ship of Jeremiah, they had just fin­ished re­build­ing the city walls against in­cred­i­ble odds. At the point of com­ple­tion Jeremiah called on the priest to read from the book of the law to his con­gre­gants.

Upon read­ing the Bible in the form that it was pre­sented in, the chil­dren of Is­rael made a recom­mit­ment to reded­i­cate their lives to the Lord. The shar­ing of the word brought to them a re­al­ity that had been miss­ing. It was as if the Lord was speak­ing to them di­rectly. In a world sim­i­lar to the one in which we live, where we are ex­posed to all man­ner of tox­i­c­ity which is our daily bread, one’s char­ac­ter can be al­tered to a point where the ab­nor­mal be­comes our norm.

The Lord never in­tended for you to be bom­barded with neg­a­tiv­ity but He in­tended for us to live by ev­ery word that comes from the foun­tain of His mouth. The Bible is His di­rect in­struc­tion to us; it is not only in­spir­ing, up­lift­ing and an all round good read, it’s prob­a­bly the best way to start your day.

Make a de­ci­sion on what you choose to be­lieve and hear. You serve a liv­ing God who is alive, His de­sire for your life is not what is be­ing said to you ev­ery­day and from ev­ery cor­ner that cares to be heard. He wants bet­ter for you, He as­sures you that at what­ever point you may be, He has the power to up­lift and change those cir­cum­stances. If He can turn wa­ter into wine He can cer­tainly change the news­pa­per head­lines to not be­ing the re­al­ity they are press­ing you to be­lieve, that ev­ery­thing is lost and there is very lit­tle to hope for.

Chose to be­lieve. Choose to read from the bread of life and be­lieve the truth it says about your life to­day, to­mor­row and for eter­nity to come. Be blessed For more info:

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