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“Be anx­ious for noth­ing, but in every­thing by prayer and sup­pli­ca­tion, with thanks­giv­ing, let your re­quests be made known to God.”

Emo­tions are a big as­pect of life that can some­times get the bet­ter of us, we never re­ally seem to have to­tal con­trol over them. In an in­stant you can break out into tears or you can equally break out in laugh­ter. Within sec­onds you can swing from eu­pho­ria to de­pres­sion.

In the blink of an eye your cir­cum­stances can change, we all have this switch that is trig­gered by stim­uli. We han­dle our emo­tional make up dif­fer­ently. Some of us have emo­tional in­tel­li­gence, which is the abil­ity to reg­u­late and con­trol how they feel; they can sys­tem­at­i­cally move be­tween the var­i­ous shades of how they feel and man­age it to a tee.

On the other hand, oth­ers lack con­trol in what­ever form. At the drop of a hat they will swing be­tween ex­tremes, they are eas­ily flus­tered and bat­tered. They are af­fected by, and re­act to, words, ac­tions and cir­cum­stances a lot more than the av­er­age. They lit­er­ally live on the edge, never re­ally know­ing what will hap­pen next.

A niece of mine was on as­sign­ment, and dur­ing a phone call to me, she told me that she was watch­ing a sports match and that she was not sure if her team would win or not. She said that her emo­tions were on edge and she was just about to burst with anx­i­ety. I asked her how long the game had been go­ing on and she said it had just started but that re­sult was so cru­cial that she could not sit. “Un­cle I am a wreck”, she con­fessed.

As we con­tin­ued to speak I then asked her what use it served for her to be so up­tight and that she must work to­wards hav­ing some faith that the Lord would di­rect the af­fairs at hand. Which­ever way, there would be a re­sult, it was just a mat­ter of time. I then boldly told her that her team would win and there­fore she must just re­lax.

Our con­ver­sa­tion seemed to have worked and she duly calmed down and watched the re­main­der of the match. Her team went on to lose. Dur­ing the course of that match she had worked her­self up to a point where she was now even en­dan­ger­ing her health. You can only imag­ine what was go­ing on inside of her; it must have been a tor­rent of ex­treme blood pres­sure and the gen­er­a­tion of acid caused by anx­i­ety.

We are all guilty of that, of al­low­ing our emo­tions to en­dan­ger our very ex­is­tence. The next morn­ing she told me she had to go to the doc­tor after her or­deal and that the doc­tor told her that her or­gans had been through so much strain that she was in a bad shape.

As I thought about her and the un­nec­es­sary place she had taken her­self to, it got me think­ing of how we place a lot of im­por­tance on things that do not mat­ter, to a point where they wreck havoc in our lives.

Our pri­or­i­ties are so mis­placed that we have be­gun to make life even more dif­fi­cult for our­selves. We want to be in con­trol and suc­ceed at the things that we think are im­por­tant. Other than the joy it may bring you, does it re­ally mat­ter if your sport­ing fran­chise wins or not?

We have al­lowed life to de­fine what mat­ters and what is im­por­tant, and in the process we have taken God’s supremacy over things. Is it re­ally nec­es­sary for us to al­ways be on an emo­tional roller coaster?

Should we not put our lives in the hands of the Lord and trust that wher­ever we find our­selves at, He is at the fore­front and that His will for our lives is what mat­ters? Al­low the Lord to di­rect your steps, put Him in charge of your life and wher­ever you find your­self, trust that He knows best. Work­ing your­self up into a heart at­tack is not His plan for your life, you are in con­trol of noth­ing. He is in con­trol and He knows best.

Be Blessed

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