Mb­wando shouldn’t be any­where near War­riors

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ED­I­TOR — Char­ac­ters like George Mb­wando who want to pledge as­sis­tance to the War­riors after their qual­i­fi­ca­tion should not be al­lowed any­where near the team.

We are tired of for­mer play­ers with no proven men­tor­ship record com­ing to dis­turb the progress made by other men un­der stren­u­ous con­di­tions in the name of help­ing.

What has Mb­wando achieved from his base which can con­vince us that he is el­i­gi­ble to carry wa­ter for the team, let alone of­fer tech­ni­cal as­sis­tance?

Where was he dur­ing the qual­i­fiers when the team was go­ing through tribu­la­tions, when Pa­suwa was wrapped in a 2 in 1 blan­ket wait­ing to board the Munoru­rama bus as they pre­pared to travel to Blan­tyre? Too many cooks spoil the soup, es­pe­cially if the new chef has no idea of what in­gre­di­ents make up the rel­ish.

The only way Mb­wando can as­sist the War­riors is to pray for them, I do not think there is space for his in­put, at least not now.

If he so itches to coach the team he can ap­ply once Pa­suwa has fin­ished his term. I am sure the job will be ad­ver­tised.

His pro­posed spy­ing mis­sions do not make sense be­cause if Zim­babwe pro­gresses be­yond the first stage, we are go­ing to meet op­po­nents we do not know.

Let us not en­ter­tain th­ese “know it all” sports peo­ple un­less we want to cre­ate de­spon­dency within our camp. Farai Chara

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