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Proverbs 16 vs 20

“Who­ever gives heed to in­struc­tion pros­pers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.”

I had never paid much at­ten­tion to the con­cept of lis­ten­ing un­til I was sent a write-up on it. One of the most dif­fi­cult things to do is to ac­cept crit­i­cism and cor­rec­tion. To be told you are wrong is one of the hard­est pills to swal­low.

The de­fault re­ac­tion to cor­rec­tion is to be de­fen­sive and in most cases, brush the is­sues aside be­cause lis­ten­ing to what you don’t like to hear can be an up­hill task.

It’s of­ten eas­ier to give ad­vice and cor­rec­tion, but it’s very hard for the same pill to be pre­scribed back to you. Why do peo­ple find it dif­fi­cult to lis­ten and take in­struc­tion?

Saul was given ex­plicit in­struc­tions on how to deal with the in­hab­i­tants of a land he was set to go to war with and over­come. He was told to kill everything but to not take any of the plun­der. In­stead, at the end of the bat­tle he chose to dis­re­gard the words of the prophet and de­cided to keep the king he had de­feated alive. Fur­ther dis­re­gard­ing the in­struc­tion, he chose to keep the spoils rather than de­stroy everything as had been in­structed.

When Sa­muel ar­rived, he asked Saul why he had gone against the in­struc­tions, Saul looked for all sorts of ex­cuses to de­fend him­self. He ended up telling lies to jus­tify his obe­di­ence and that re­sulted in the glory of the Lord de­part­ing from him and his king­dom was doomed. It would have been all the much eas­ier had he just lis­tened and taken the in­struc­tion he had been given.

We are all guilty of be­ing given ad­vice but we choose not to lis­ten or to bluntly dis­re­gard it. Only when things go wrong do we look back and say to our­selves, I should have lis­tened. The abil­ity to re­ceive in­struc­tion is in it­self a gift that very few have been en­dowed with.

Imag­ine if only Saul had lis­tened, his life would have taken a dif­fer­ent turn. If only he had been able to con­quer his ego, hum­ble him­self and ac­cept in­struc­tion, his story would have turned out a lot bet­ter than what ended up hap­pen­ing.

How many times have you bla­tantly re­fused to lis­ten to well-mean­ing ad­vice that is meant to help you and you de­cided to dis­re­gard it and do things your own way? How many bridges have you had to try and re­pair all in a bid to undo things you could have oth­er­wise avoided? Mop­ping up spilt milk is a lot more dif­fi­cult than to just avoid spilling from the on­set.

Make a con­scious ef­fort this week to lis­ten a lot more and to gra­ciously ac­cept crit­i­cism, re­proof and cor­rec­tion. The abil­ity to have a spirit that re­ceives can only be some­thing the Lord can grant you. Ask Him to grant you the wis­dom to lis­ten, to hear and to do the right thing.

Your abil­ity to suc­ceed in the fu­ture is solely de­pen­dent on your abil­ity to lis­ten, to take in­struc­tion and to work at be­ing the best you that you can pos­si­bly be. Be blessed

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