When God is silent

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John 16 vs 33

“These things I have spo­ken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribu­la­tion; but be of good cheer, I have over­come the world.”

Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed, and have been met by stone cold si­lence? Have you won­dered and given up on the prom­ise that God can hear your prayers? We have all said prayers that have gone unan­swered and we have been con­fronted with God’ si­lence, where we have not been able to hear Him, see Him or even feel His pres­ence.

In mo­ments like that it feels as if the world has to­tally turned against you, you feel alone, helpless, des­per­ate and trou­bled. I am sure you have ex­pe­ri­enced this so many times, and you have not known what to make of it. A col­league of mine told me not so long ago that they to­tally felt let down by God.

As I lis­tened to those words, I could un­der­stand the hu­man emo­tion as­so­ci­ated with what they were say­ing and I could com­pre­hend what they were feel­ing. There are times when you feel so hope­less, aban­doned and abused, that you curse the very day you were born. One of the most dif­fi­cult things to fathom is when God ap­pears dis­tant and silent.

Moses wan­dered the wilder­ness for forty years, hav­ing given up his life of priv­i­lege to a life of hard­ship and soli­tude as a shep­herd. Gone were the days where peo­ple fussed over him and his ev­ery move was ap­plauded and watched. In this place he now called home, he was sub­jected to toil and long lonely hours in the arid wilder­ness tend­ing his fa­ther-in-law’s flocks.

One can only imag­ine what may have been go­ing through his mind as he thought back to ev­ery­thing he used to have and what he had be­come. It must have been a painful thought to think of what he been re­duced to. In all the forty years not once did he hear the voice of God or see Him in any way. For all in­tent and pur­pose he was an aban­doned or­phan left to his own de­vices, I am sure he won­dered on many oc­ca­sion where his life was go­ing.

How­ever at God’s ap­pointed time, a time only the Lord had determined, he met with the pres­ence of God through a burn­ing bush. He had not planned the mat­ter but af­ter all these years of to­tal si­lence this one day would change his life for­ever.

The rest of the story of Moses is a story known to us, God used him in a mighty way to free and lead His peo­ple. In those forty years as a shep­herd, not once did he know that he would one day be the per­son he would be­come and would hear di­rectly from God on a con­stant ba­sis.

Such is the way of our Lord that at times we think He has left us for good and His voice can not be heard or His pres­ence felt, yet He is work­ing in the back­ground to help us achieve great things.

Are you at that point where you feel that God is not there? Do not look at the lim­ited pe­riod of your life and be­lieve that all the hard­ship you are en­dur­ing will never end. If His cho­sen one could wait forty years how many years have you had to wait? It hasn’t been that long, when you put ev­ery­thing into con­text.

He is not far from where you want Him to be. Al­low Him to teach you to be pa­tient and to de­fine time as He does, not as you do. In His si­lence His will shall shine through.

Be Blessed

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