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1 Sa­muel 17 vs 45

“Then David said to the Philis­tine “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Is­rael, whom you have de­fied.”

We all have Go­liaths in our lives, these big ma­raud­ing things that stand in our way. Wher­ever we turn they are there; tall, stoic and ready to pounce on us. They take so many forms, it can be peo­ple, cir­cum­stances or is­sues.

These gi­ants stand in the way of our progress and of­ten times we do not have the abil­ity nor the courage to con­front them and move on to the next stage in our lives. An end­less list of things could be stand­ing be­tween you and progress, it could be pro­cras­ti­na­tion, lazi­ness, cir­cum­stances, ad­dic­tions or just plain bad luck.

The story of David and Go­liath tells us that the Is­raelites had been pinned down by the Philistines and they had all but lost the be­lief that their foe could be over­come. For days on end Go­liath had taunted them, and they were help­less to an­swer back. The bat­tle was lost up un­til David, a lowly sheep­herd, got up and said “I can de­feat Go­liath.”

He was of­fered all sorts of ar­mour but in the end he set­tled on just his sling and a peb­ble. Be­fore long he had felled Go­liath, the myth was over and the bat­tle was won. As we face all man­ner of ob­sta­cles we must some­times re­mem­ber that the an­swers we re­quire to some of the com­plex mat­ters be­fore us are a lot sim­pler than we make them out to be.

God has given us grace that is avail­able to us to over­come the things that are in our way. We some­times spend end­less hours search­ing and look­ing for an­swers yet the so­lu­tion to our prob­lems lies in us ap­proach­ing His throne, pray­ing and then wait­ing for Him to fight the bat­tles on our be­half.

He will give us so­lu­tions, some so sim­ple that when we think through them we can’t help but laugh at the wis­dom of our Maker. Are there is­sues you have been grap­pling with that have been hold­ing you back that you just want to over­come but you have no idea how to go about it? The first step lies in our abil­ity to con­front the Go­liath in front of us be­cause of­ten times we run away from the is­sues, hide and pre­tend they don’t ex­ist yet we must ac­cept that there is a prob­lem and it must be con­fronted.

Once you have con­fronted it and it is at the fore, say a prayer and ask the Lord to in­ter­vene in the bat­tle that is to come, like David.

Once you en­gage trust that the Lord will take charge and that the end re­sult is that what He wills for your life, vic­tory will be cer­tain.

As in­di­vid­u­als we are usu­ally drawn to a spe­cific con­clu­sion that we de­sire, yet the Lord in His wis­dom some­times has an­other.

I don’t think David left his home with the in­ten­tion of be­ing in­volved in a fight but when the cir­cum­stances willed that a man of God should take charge he stood up and asked to be counted.

Let’s pray that the Lord not only helps us over­come but also gives us the strength to want to stand up and con­front the things in front of us. God has as­sured you that if you pray in His name and in His will, He will grant you vic­tory. May you have the pa­tience to wait for His out­come.

Be blessed.

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