Two on the run for ‘rape, rob­bery’

Chronicle (Zimbabwe) - - Front Page - Whins­ley Masara

TWO men are on the run af­ter al­legedly rap­ing and rob­bing two women from Bu­l­awayo at Triv­ela Mine in In­siza District.

The in­ci­dent oc­curred on Mon­day at around 6 PM at Oak­lands Farm in Fort Rixon.

The vic­tims, one aged 38 and the other 39, both of Pu­mula East sub­urb, were sell­ing sec­ond­hand clothes at the mine.

Mata­bele­land South po­lice spokesper­son In­spec­tor Philisani Nde­bele con­firmed the in­ci­dent and said in­ves­ti­ga­tions were un­der­way.

“I can con­firm re­ceiv­ing a re­port of two men who al­legedly raped and robbed two women. They fled from the scene and in­ves­ti­ga­tions are un­der­way. Too much de­tail will jeop­ar­dise our in­ves­ti­ga­tions,” he said.

A source close to in­ves­ti­ga­tions, who pre­ferred anonymity, said the two women had left Triv­ela when one of them de­cided to re­turn to the mine to col­lect money from a cus­tomer.

“She re­turned with four men who walked be­hind her. Two of them were only iden­ti­fied as SaNkosi and Gun­ners, while the other two are not known.

“SaNkosi and Gun­ners are well known work­ers at Triv­ela Mine,” said the source.

The source said SaNkosi grabbed the younger woman while Gun­ners grabbed the other and they dragged them into a bushy area.

“As the two dragged the women for about 10 me­tres off the road, the other uniden­ti­fied men re­mained on the dust road. They searched the two women, took $70, a T-shirt and two Nokia cell­phones,” said the source.

The source said SaNkosi dragged one of the women fur­ther into the bush. “SaNkosi spread his jacket on the ground and forced the woman to strip. Notic­ing what was about to hap­pen, she begged him to use a con­dom but he wouldn’t hear of it. He raped her once,” said the source.

Gun­ners al­legedly waited on the road side with the sec­ond vic­tim.

The source said: “Gun­ners went to check if SaNkosi was done, re­quest­ing a chance to rape the woman but he told him to go back as he wasn’t fin­ished.”

It was not clear why the sec­ond woman did not seize the op­por­tu­nity to run away.

“When he was done, SaNkosi walked the vic­tim back to the road where they joined Gun­ners and her friend.”

Gun­ners is said to have told SaNkosi that the other two men had left be­cause he had taken too long.

“They con­tin­ued to walk to­wards Mof­fat’s Com­pound, force march­ing the two women and af­ter walk­ing for about a kilo­me­tre, SaNkosi stopped them say­ing he wanted to have an­other round of sex with the first vic­tim.

He quickly grabbed her by the hand again and this time around, Gun­ners also grabbed the sec­ond woman.

“SaNkosi dragged vic­tim one into the nearby bush where he raped her for the sec­ond time. While that hap­pened, Gun­ners also forced vic­tim two to lie down. He wore a con­dom and raped her once.

“The four pro­ceeded to Mof­fat’s com­pound. While at Mof­fat’s, the two men fled and the women went to Shangani Po­lice Base where they re­ported the mat­ter,” said the source.


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