You can’t hurry God

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La­men­ta­tions 3 vs 25 - 26

“The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him. It is good that one should hope and wait qui­etly for the sal­va­tion of the Lord.”

Time is a con­cept that is of­ten mis­un­der­stood, all too of­ten we are in a hurry to defy time and the nat­u­ral ele­ments that God cre­ated with it.

Have you ever won­dered why, de­spite our de­sire to speed up the hands of time, a day will al­ways be made up of 24 hours? Each hour con­sti­tutes the na­ture of a day, it would not be a day if, for ex­am­ple, only 11 hours lapsed from start to fin­ish.

So of­ten in a de­sire to beat the nat­u­ral ele­ments of time, we try so hard to defy and shorten the process that the Lord will have deemed proper for a spe­cific oc­cur­rence.

We are all in a ter­ri­ble hurry to ar­rive at a des­ti­na­tion we have de­fined for our­selves in­stead of the des­ti­na­tion that God en­vis­aged for us.

Do you feel short changed by the process of wait­ing and you just want your life to be trans­ported to a new era mi­nus the pain, the wait­ing and the end­less pas­sage of time?

God is the one who de­ter­mines the pas­sage of time that you must ex­pe­ri­ence. Be­fore long that time will come to pass and His vi­sion for your life will be ful­filled.

Al­low the hands of time move at their nat­u­ral speed, this too shall come to pass.

Be blessed.

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