Min­is­ter tells stu­dents on schol­ar­ship to China to obey the coun­try’s laws

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IN­FOR­MA­TION, Me­dia and Broad­cast­ing Ser­vices Min­is­ter Christo­pher Mushohwe has warned stu­dents go­ing to study in China of the strict rules against so­cial me­dia surf­ing ob­tain­ing in that coun­try and that they should be­have them­selves.

The coun­try has no in­ter­net pri­vacy and posts are eas­ily trace­able.

Ad­dress­ing 49 stu­dents se­lected to un­der­take un­der­grad­u­ate stud­ies at Ocean Univer­sity in China, Min­is­ter Mushohwe im­plored them to obey that coun­try’s laws and the univer­sity’s rules.

He said China has a pop­u­la­tion of more than 1,4 bil­lion with over 700 mil­lion na­tion­als hooked on the in­ter­net.

“Un­for­tu­nately for you, you are not like stu­dents who go to South Africa and other coun­tries,” said Min­is­ter Mushohwe.

“China is a much dis­ci­plined coun­try. You will never find one small stupid item on the so­cial me­dia in China. It is not pos­si­ble. It is not pos­si­ble that you can read any­thing on so­cial me­dia which will talk ill of the Chi­nese lead­er­ship, even news­pa­pers will not write neg­a­tive things about the lead­er­ship.”

The Min­is­ter said China has many stu­dents study­ing abroad, but when they are back in their coun­try they ad­here to their val­ues. “That is how pa­tri­otic the Chi­nese are,” said Min­is­ter Mushohwe.

He said the sit­u­a­tion was to­tally dif­fer­ent in Zim­babwe where the so­cial me­dia was giv­ing him se­ri­ous headaches as the re­spon­si­ble au­thor­ity of the sec­tor.

“In Zim­babwe we have se­ri­ous prob­lems with so­cial me­dia but we have not more than 1,5 mil­lion peo­ple hooked on the in­ter­net as op­posed to more than 700 mil­lion in China,” he said.

“We get se­ri­ous headaches and for me who is re­spon­si­ble for the min­istry you can imag­ine my prob­lems.”

He said al­most on daily ba­sis he re­ceives com­plaints from peo­ple who would have been abused on the so­cial me­dia. “Please, I know that you are very ac­tive on so­cial me­dia,” he said.

“They do not ap­ply in China. Do not make the mis­take of up­load­ing things that are not ac­cept­able in China. If you write things that are not ac­cept­able China sys­tem will pick ev­ery lit­tle things you put on your so­cial me­dia plat­form. Some are mis­be­hav­ing. They dress im­prop­erly but in China you must not do that. They dress de­cently.”

Min­is­ter Mushohwe also warned those ap­ply­ing for schol­ar­ships to avoid mid­dle per­sons who take ad­van­tage of des­per­ate stu­dents to swin­dle them of their hard earned cash ly­ing that they can se­cure schol­ar­ships for them.

“The only peo­ple who are re­spon­si­ble for this pro­gramme is me and the Pres­i­dent. Only the two of us,” he said.

He said the se­lec­tion was trans­par­ent and peo­ple should ap­ply for schol­ar­ships by fol­low­ing the proper pro­ce­dure as stated in the ad­ver­tise­ment flighted in the Press.

Cde Si­mon Khaya Moyo

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