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Philip­pi­ans 4 vs 11

“Not that I speak in re­gard to need, for I have learned in what­ever state I am, to be con­tent.”

I re­ceived a mes­sage from some­one I know ask­ing how I was and how things are, be­fore I could even re­spond he told me that things were ter­ri­ble and he could not see where he was go­ing.

His state­ment got me think­ing; what is it that we re­ally live for as in­di­vid­u­als? As I drove to my of­fice I looked at the houses that were along the way. They are all dif­fer­ent but they serve one pur­pose: to pro­vide shel­ter.

The same ap­plies with hu­man be­ings, we are all the same but we are driven by dif­fer­ent pas­sions and de­sires. Some want to dress well, oth­ers want shiny fast cars, and oth­ers want big houses. How­ever, within the bracket of where we are, we all have the abil­ity to sus­tain life.

What is life and what is your life about? What is around you that you draw strength from? I have of­ten thought the sim­pler one’s life is, the eas­ier it is to get by. We some­how get our­selves tan­gled up, some­times we even trip and fall, as a re­sult of the com­pli­ca­tions we add to our lives.

To­day, think about your life in de­tail, list all the things you can do with­out but you have some­how bur­dened your­self with, and they have made your life more dif­fi­cult.

Ev­ery­one re­quires wa­ter as a ba­sic re­source to sus­tain life, think about all the es­sen­tials you need and how you can safe­guard their avail­abil­ity in your life with­out com­pli­cat­ing mat­ters.

Within ev­ery price bracket, goods and ser­vices are avail­able, maybe what you need to do is read­just your cost struc­ture to suit the place where you find your­self to­day.

Giv­ing up things is very dif­fi­cult, but oc­ca­sion­ally you are thrust into a cor­ner where the only way to sur­vive and wait for the next tide is to down­scale, loosen the load then con­tinue with your jour­ney.

Noth­ing is more dif­fi­cult than ac­cept­ing that things have not quite worked out the way we would have wanted to. As I con­tin­ued with my drive, ad­mir­ing and ob­serv­ing all the types of houses along the road, it made me re­alise that shel­ter is shel­ter and no mat­ter where you find your­self, you can make a home out of any sit­u­a­tion.

In or­der to tran­scend to the next stage of your life you must some­times be will­ing to let go of the things you hold on to very tightly, the things that you be­lieve de­fine and make you.

The truth is that your life is not about ma­te­rial things but it’s about what is in your heart, what you value, and the per­son you de­cide to be. Wher­ever you are, whether you are strug­gling to get by or you are din­ing at the finest restau­rants, your body only need so much nu­tri­tion and you will get it re­gard­less of your sta­tus or po­si­tion.

Trust God to open new doors for you. Trust Him to in­tro­duce you to new peo­ple and show you new op­por­tu­ni­ties. He is faith­ful and He al­ways comes through, your part is to al­low your­self to be led by Him in this pur­suit of life.

Be blessed

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