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This, she said, will help com­plete the heal­ing process. “I am a spirit medium and I heal with guid­ance from above. There must be a vigil where peo­ple should gather, cel­e­brate the heal­ing process of th­ese kids through song and dance. With­out this, there is a danger th­ese kids will have this prob­lem again. I have told their par­ents this over and over and this is what I do to ev­ery pa­tient I dis­charge,” she said.

She said once the rit­u­als were done she was free to re­lease the chil­dren into the cus­tody of their mother.

“It will be up to them to then come back and thank me for treat­ing the kids and tak­ing care of them for the last four years. They are go­ing to school. I pay fees for them and the po­lice who me­di­ated over the is­sue saw their school re­ports.

“We then agreed that since it’s now near year-end, we should just let the kids fin­ish this term and then they re-unite with their mother,” she said.

Gogo Maphilisa said she has spent more than the cost of two beasts in the four years she has been with the kids and that the pay­ment was only a mat­ter of prin­ci­ple of the oc­cult.

“Ac­tu­ally when I con­sulted with the spirit when the kids who could not walk were brought here for the first time, the spirit wanted five beasts but for the sake of help­ing life, I only said two and it’s not that they should be forced to pay. It’s just a thank you for the job the spirit us­ing me did to heal the kids,” she said.

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