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Be blessed. Ro­mans 5 vs 5 (NIV)

“AND hope does not dis­ap­point us, be­cause God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.”

A few days ago I had a con­ver­sa­tion with a re­mark­able old lady who shared with me some of the things she has been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing on a per­sonal level; from the pass­ing away of her spouse to the gen­eral ill­ness in her fam­ily soon af­ter the loss of her hus­band.

Amidst all her toils and the dif­fi­cult emo­tional state she was in, she ex­hib­ited a her­culean be­lief in GOD’s abil­ity to cor­rect and ad­dress is­sues. She boldly told me that though her off­spring had been trou­bled by all man­ner of un­ex­plain­able ill­nesses, she had cried out to GOD to ad­dress these things that had be­come a bur­den on her life, and she re­mained con­fi­dent that He would not aban­don her or let her down. She re­mained con­fi­dent in her faith in God and His abil­ity.

She shared a verse with me and then de­parted. I was amazed at how much this el­derly per­son still has a de­sire to live and serve. So many peo­ple who still have dreams to pur­sue and lives to lead give up on life on the pre­text that their ex­pe­ri­ences have bur­dened them to a point where they just can­not con­tinue. They lack the drive, de­sire and in­cli­na­tion to live, to try, and to go beyond all the walls they need to scale.

Young peo­ple de­cide to grow old while old peo­ple de­sire for youth and life, what an in­ter­est­ing para­dox. Where are you on the jour­ney of life? Do you see closed doors and lost op­por­tu­nity or would you dare to be­lieve again, to see rain­bows and stars, to have hope, and more im­por­tantly to firmly know that the bat­tle ahead is not yours but the LORD’s?

Even though you are here in the flesh, He is fight­ing for you. If only you could just be­lieve and pa­tiently wait on Him in the knowl­edge that He truly can.

Start to be­lieve again.

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