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Psalm 91 vs 4 “He will cover you with his feath­ers, and un­der his wings you will find refuge; his faith­ful­ness will be your shield and ram­part.”

I lis­tened to a young preacher telling a story of how soon af­ter he got mar­ried, he took his wife on a hike up into the moun­tains. As he walked along he soon re­al­ized that he had taken the wrong footwear for the jour­ney as his feet be­gan to ache. The pres­sure of hav­ing the wrong ap­parel started to cre­ate so much dis­com­fort in him that the jour­ney be­came mis­er­able and un­bear­able.

He should have taken the right footwear for his per­ilous and tax­ing out­ing. As I thought about it I re­alised that the same can be said about our lives, we en­counter so many hard­ships and carry heavy bag­gage that we can’t han­dle, all be­cause we are not clothed in the right type of gear for the jour­ney.

This jour­ney re­quires that we be fit­ted and clothed in the grace and mercy of our Lord and Saviour, noth­ing less than this will equip us for the trek that lies ahead. Our bones will ache, we will get blis­ters, we will get tired, and we will want to give up, but if we have the anoint­ing then all th­ese things will come and go.

The Lord is say­ing to us: come into my grace, let me clothe you, pro­tect you, and give you the tonic of life that you re­quire to make this life all the more eas­ier. Like the young pas­tor, the more you jour­ney wear­ing the wrong at­tire, the more the el­e­ments of life wear you down and you be­gin to fail in­stead of suc­ceed­ing in your en­deav­ors.

Ask the Lord to clothe you to­day with the anoint­ing of life that will pro­vide you with all the nec­es­sary pro­tec­tion you need, be it on a bright sunny day or a dreary rainy cold one. Let Him be your cov­er­ing. It all starts with a prayer, pray that He be­comes the one. It will change your life and your at­ti­tude and make your life eas­ier.

Be blessed

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