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Divin­ity Digest COM­MENT OVER­VIEW THE above ques­tion re­quires one to have deep knowl­edge con­cern­ing the ac­tions of Is­rael prophets. Is­rael prophets had na­tion­al­is­tic am­bi­tions, this can be fur­ther sup­ported by their in­volve­ment in pol­i­tics. The ques­tion fur­ther re­quires one to show the ex­tent at which Zim­bab­wean prophets are con­cerned with re­li­gion . AF­FIR­MA­TIVE SIDE

Prophecy and pol­i­tics were in­ter­twined, this has been fur­ther sup­ported by B W An­der­son, page 252, para­graph 2, line 1, “prophecy was in­ti­mately as­so­ci­ated with pol­i­tics from the very first mo­ment it ap­peared in Is­rael”, as a re­sult they anointed kings. Sa­muel anointed King Saul af­ter the elders of Is­rael had re­quested for a king to lead them. Anoint­ing a king was very im­por­tant con­sid­er­ing the rea­sons which the elders of Is­rael gave in 1st Sa­muel 8: 4-15. Sa­muel fur­ther anointed David to re­place Saul be­cause of vi­o­lat­ing var­i­ous prin­ci­ples (Read 1st Sa­muel 13: 10).The above sto­ries are recorded in 1st Sa­muel 10: 1 and 1st Sa­muel 16: 16. The prophet Nathan with pri­est Zadok were in­volved in the anoint­ment of Solomon, this is ev­i­denced in 1st Kings 1: 28ff. The prophet Eli­jah was given a task to anoint Jehu and Hazel, this is recorded in 1st Kings 19:15-16. The son of a prophet un­der Elisha is re­ported to have anointed Jehu to re­place Haziah, this is recorded in 2 Kings 9:4ff. All this in­di­cates that Is­rael prophets were con­cerned with na­tion­al­ist am­bi­tions.

Is­rael prophets cham­pi­oned wars, there are ma­jor rea­sons why Is­rael prophets were in­volved in wars. Moses cham­pi­oned the war against the Amalek, this can be sup­ported by Ex­o­dus 17: 9 “And Moses said to Joshua, “Choose for us men, and go out, fight with Amalek; to­mor­row . . .”

It has been sub­mit­ted that while Is­rael was fight­ing Moses was stand­ing on top of the moun­tain with Aaron with a rod, as he was pray­ing for a vic­tory. As a re­sult Is­rael de­feated the Amalekites (Amalek was the grand­son of Esau). Scholar Thomas Con­sta­ble in his Ex­o­dus notes, page 104, para­graph 4 cit­ing Jose­phus the early church fa­ther who sub­mit­ted that no He­brew died in this war but in­nu­mer­able Amalekites per­ished. Sa­muel the man who had four of­fices, prophet be­ing one of the of­fice, cham­pi­oned wars. This is ev­i­denced when he prayed and of­fered sac­ri­fices in Miz­pah, so that Yah­weh will give strength Is­rael in or­der to de­feat the Philistines. This is recorded in 1 Sa­muel 7: 5-10. As a re­sult the Is­raelites won the bat­tle. Fur­ther­more, Sa­muel as a prophet, had schools of prophets. The in­ter­nal ev­i­dence re­veal that Sa­muel was al­ways stand­ing as the head, this is in­di­cated in 1 Sa­muel 19: 20. Scholar B W An­der­son, page 252, para­graph 2, line 7 sub­mit­ted that the other role of sons of prophets with their head was to cham­pion wars; giv­ing sol­diers a pa­tri­otic feel­ing. This is also the rea­son why the band of prophets were al­ways sta­tioned around Philis­tine gar­risons. This in­di­cates that Is­rael prophets had na­tion­al­is­tic am­bi­tions. NB: More points can be added. For in­stance: — Is­rael prophets lim­ited the pow­ers of the kings by de­thron­ing them.

— Is­rael prophets ad­vised kings, mostly the court prophet. NON-AF­FIR­MA­TIVE

Is­rael prophets were also con­cerned with re­li­gion. Is­rael prophets fought for wor­ship­ping of one God, Is­rael prophets played a cru­cial role in keep­ing the spirit of Yah­weh alive in Is­rael as they ad­vo­cated for wor­ship­ping of one God. This in­cludes Sa­muel as it is recorded in 1st Sa­muel 7: 3. Eli­jah proph­e­sied when Baal­ism was on its peak, he played an im­por­tant role of butcher­ing the Baal prophets, this is recorded in 1st Kings 18: 37-41. Amos also fought for wor­ship­ping of one God, this is recorded in Amos 5:26. Hence, this in­di­cates that Is­rael prophets were also con­cerned with re­li­gion .

Is­rael prophets con­demned the in­di­vid­u­als who vi­o­lated the prin­ci­ples which were sup­posed to be ob­served in cult cen­tres, the good ex­am­ple is that of Sa­muel who con­demned Saul for hi­jack­ing the du­ties of a pri­est “of­fer­ing sac­ri­fices”, this is recorded in 1st Sa­muel 13: 10. Among the writ­ing prophets who are be­lieved to be the cult prophets, di­rect at­tacks were ut­tered by them. Amos con­demned how sac­ri­fices were of­fered in cult cen­tres “Gil­gal and Bethel”, this is also recorded in Amos 4: 5. The prophet Hosea is also recorded to have con­demned the idea of of­fer­ing sac­ri­fices, this can be sup­ported by his mes­sage which he ut­tered to the pri­ests in chap­ter 5:1ff. Hosea also ex­plained what Yah­weh needed, this can be ev­i­denced by Hosea 6: 6 “For I de­sire steadfast love and not sac­ri­fice, the knowl­edge of God, rather than burnt of­fer­ings”. This is also ev­i­denced in the mes­sage of Isa­iah and Jeremiah (Isa­iah 1: 11 and Jeremiah 6: 20). All this in­di­cates that some­times Is­rael prophets were also con­cerned with re­li­gion. NB: More points can be added. ZIM­BAB­WEAN CON­TEXT

Zim­bab­wean prophets are con­cerned with re­li­gion. In year 2015, the leader of PHD Min­istries Ma­gaya Wal­ter ut­tered a di­rect at­tack on the white gar­ments churches. This was even recorded by the lo­cal news­pa­pers, for in­stance Sun­day Mail on 25 Jan­uary 2015 pub­lished the story of Ma­gaya at­tack­ing the Va­pos­tori (http://www.sun­day­mail. co. zw/ full- ser­mon- va­pos­tori- sects- are- de­mon­ic­ma­gaya/).

The same prophet fur­ther at­tacked the white gar­ment church in his book en­ti­tled “Ma­rine Spirit”. The story was also recorded by Sun­day Mail on 14 June 2015 “On 7 June 2015, Prophet Ma­gaya launched “Ma­rine Spir­its Part 2”, in which he ex­pounds on the mat­ter.

Be­low are ex­cerpts: . . . In this book I will not re­fer to these white gar­ment places of wor­ship as churches be­cause they are not churches at all they are prop­erly and ap­pro­pri­ately re­ferred to as cults that op­er­ate in shrines ( Ma­sowe Emurenje).” Read­ers can fol­low the fol­low­ing link for more read­er­ship (http://www.sun­day­mail.co.zw/marine­spir­its-prophet-ma­gaya-in-his-own-words).

This in­vited the leader of white gar­ment church leader Jo­hannes Ndanga to con­demn the leader of PHD, this was recorded by News­day news­pa­per on 9 Fe­bru­ary 2015 “Ndanga at the weekend con­firmed that he had been ap­proached by a group of VaPos­i­tori seek­ing per­mis­sion to raid Ma­gaya and ex­pose him” For more read­er­ship fol­low the link ( https:// www. news­day. co. zw/ 2015/ 02/ 09/ ma­g­a­yagets-power-snakes-vapos­i­tori).

What can be noted above is that Zim­bab­wean prophets they are con­cerned with re­li­gion . NB: More in­for­ma­tion can be added. HOW­EVER PART NB: Zim­bab­wean prophets are also con­cerned with other is­sues. News­pa­pers and lo­cal ra­dio sta­tions can as­sist one to un­der­stand the con­cerns of Zim­bab­wean prophets. ANAL­Y­SIS OF THE ES­SAY Ac­cord­ing to the above dis­cus­sion, it is clear that Is­rael prophets were more con­cerned with na­tion­al­is­tic am­bi­tions as they cham­pi­oned wars, anointed kings, ad­vised kings and had many other roles. They were also con­cerned with re­li­gion as the writer fully high­lighted above. Zim­bab­wean con­text, is also ad­dressed. Wit­ness Din­gani is a Zim­babwe-based au­thor, mo­ti­va­tional speaker, colum­nist, youth coach, pub­lisher, ra­dio host & crick­eter, mem­ber of Chain Sup­port Foun­da­tion Coun­selling Com­pany. He is the founder of char­ity or­gan­i­sa­tion “Din­gani Char­ity Or­gan­i­sa­tion”. In 2016 he was voted as the most in­flu­en­tial youth­ful fig­ures in Zim­babwe and was voted 8th po­si­tion out of 15 peo­ple by the Pan-Zim­babwe so­ci­ety. A-level Divin­ity Ques­tions by schools can be sub­mit­ted through his mo­bile num­ber +263777896159 or Email ad­dress : wit­ness­din­gani@gmail.com

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